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…To all, and to all, a good Feast! I’ve done all I can to help make your Christmas dining and snacking memorable. Time to get down to finishing off my own family’s special supper. See you tomorrow with some new ‘Turkey Encore’ ideas!

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We’re trying something new, fresh and – we hope – exciting for you! ‘Changing it up’ is what I’m always recommending to you as the easy way to keep your to keep your family’s menus intriguing and and fresh. Now, I’m changing it up with the first every one-on-one Q&A with – Me! See you all tomorrow…

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I was born into a culture based on Christian morals and ethics. But I’m always mindful that many of my readers may not share that heritage. I’ve endeavored throughout the past year to showcase recipes and culinary traditions from many countries and cultures, and I’ll continue to do so in 2018…

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It’s time to take a light look at an essential foodie skill which we can all employ, whether in Greece, or just dining in the Greek restaurant around the corner. I refer to the ages old challenge of knowing how to order a Beer / Biru / Birra / Cerveja / Chela / Pivo / Bjor in 17 languages…

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It’s simple, easy and can actually give back to the community. It works no matter what kind of food you eat, as long as you practice moderation (no second helpings) and remain consistent in applying the method. In fact, the ‘method’ will ensure that you apply it consistently. Guessed, yet?