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We’re Adding Restaurant Reviews – But only The Best!

I’m delighted to add a new (quasi-regular) post type to our repertoire. Introducing: Local Restaurant Reviews. There’s been a relatively recent influx of great new restos in south-west Ottawa. And I’m itching to introduce them and their cuisines to you!

Family Resto - © doppleronline caA typical Family-Run Resto: You’ll be seeing lots more of these here at the Fab Food Blog!

I’ve been asked many times why the Fab Food Blog hasn’t previously reviewed local restaurants. It’s just that: 1.) There are other local websites that do reviews as a primary focus. 2.) I have been accused by some friends and associates of having ‘peculiar’ tastes that may not mesh with those of readers. And 3.) I have been singularly unimpressed by a number of new restos sister Erin and I have tried in the post-COVID Era.

My rationale

I propose to not simply review the food, service and ambiance of new eateries. I want to introduce you to their cultural backgrounds, the indigenous ingredients involved, and the flavours you can expect when you venture into these superior eateries.

And that’s an important word: ‘Superior’. I have, in the past, contemplated posting bad reviews of restos that truly deserve them. Other reviewers, including internationally-known names, say bad reviews certainly won’t bring in customers, but they can help resto operators by pointing out where there’s room for improvement. Maybe.

I respectfully disagree

But I recently had to restrain myself from writing a scathing condemnation of a local BBQ joint. It disappointed in so many ways, on so many levels, I think my first reaction was to seek revenge. I e-mailed their head office (yes, they are a chain outlet) a rant pointing out more than a dozen dismal failures in their system.

I mean, what do you do when a BBQ joint website advertises Carolina Style Pulled Pork and Pork Chops? But, when you get there, the guy behind the counter grins – incomprehensibly – and says, ‘We don’t do Pork…’? I might have done a review, giving the chain equal time, if the head office had gotten back to me. But that was ten days ago, the I haven’t heard a peep. So to heck with ’em.

Oscar Wilde said it best

“The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about!”

Why bother with joints like that when I can enjoy writing upbeat, positive reviews of restos that really deserve them?

Digging right in…

We’re digging right in with a review (adjacent post) of one of the best Indian/Asian restaurants I’ve tried in a very long time: Indian Desi Affair!

~ Maggie J.