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McDonald’s Premieres New Premium Burgers

Back at the beginning of the year, we gave you a hazy ‘heads up’ on McDonald’s plans to up-scale its burger offerings. McD’s corporate even staged a high-toned ‘unveiling’ of some prototype ‘premium’ Burgers complete with classy Black packaging and servers in bistro-style uniforms…

Don’t Toss that Hallowe’en Pumpkin!

It pains me to see it…. Every year, on the garbage day after Hallowe’en, hundreds of perfectly good pumpkins set out at the curb to be taken away as trash. What a waste! Did you know that, with a little elbow grease and some spare time, you could make that Jack-O-Lantern into a year’s worth of pies?

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Eastern Secrets: Real Asian Ingredients VI

To top off our survey of Asian Fruits you will likely see if you visit an Asian grocery – but probably haven’t seen before – we present four delicacies rarely used in the West. Unless you tune in every day without fail to see what weirdness awaits competitors in the Chopped mystery baskets…

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McD’s Next Big Thing: Antibiotic-free Chicken

We knew it was coming but just how long it might take for Burger leviathan McDonald’s to phase it in remained a mystery – until now. McD’s has announced its Canadian outlets will follow the example set earlier this year in the U.S. by ‘cleaning up’ its Chicken act: No more antibiotics!

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Eastern Secrets: Real Asian Ingredients V

We are pleased to continue our survey course in Asian Ingredients with Part V: Some more Asian delicacies you’ve proabably tried before, or at least heard about! Today’s four exotic selections are mainly from the Citrus family, and are all readily available in most Asian grocery stores…

Are You a Cheese Addict?

A new study, the results of which have just been released by investigators at the University of Michigan, clearly indicates that Cheese is addictive – as addictive as crack cocaine, some folks claim. And scientists also note Milk products pose a two-pronged threat to our self-control systems…

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