An Easter Lamb Cake - Detail - ©

Okay. It’s time to tackle the touchy subject of what to feature in your Easter Sunday family feast. Will it be Ham, Lamb, Turkey? Or whatever? Your family’s tastes and traditions will, in the end, dictate your choice of protein. But, if history is a guide, you’d best make it Lamb, for good luck…

We’ve heard a lot of alarmist chatter about the recently commercialized sweetener, Stevia. There have been the usual warnings from the ‘food safety’ advocates that it’s not really ‘natural’ and it’s not ‘healthy’. But new evidence seems to contradict those popular notions. In spades!

Have you purchased a a Latté from Starbucks lately? You may be eligible for a refund – or at least some compensation (as yet to be determined). If a pending class action lawsuit is allowed to go ahead, it could mean a major slap in the face for the upscale coffee purveyor as well!