Source Of Fats Important For Health

Mono-unsatrurated Fats - Detail - ©

It’s not just the kind of Fats you consume, but whether they come from animal or plant sources that counts when gauging the effects on your health. Researchers have found that mono-unsaturated fats from plants are significantly more heart healthy than those from animals, all else being equal…

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Menu Madness: Cheese And Bacon Shampoo?

Cheezy and Bacon Hair Products - Einstein Bros Bagels

Okay. They’re not really menu items, but they cater to the kind of crazy person that Hot Pepper eating challenges, and Heart Attack burgers, and so on do. And I guess it was just a matter of time before somebody created and marketed these wacky products. But I want to know who’s buying them…

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Parents Slow On New Allergy Guidelines

The Common Peanut - ©

We’ve posted here, many times in the past, that the rise in Peanut (and other allergies) in children could be stemmed by application of a simple method… Give your kids a little Peanut Butter every day. But it seems parents are not keen to try the tip, although it is now an official recommendation…

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More Bad News About Bottled Water

Drinking Bottled Water - Detail - ©

We’ve heard, previously, that Bottled Water may not be all it’s cracked up to be, and some ‘Spring Water’ may not actually be from a natural spring. But now, after extensive testing, researchers have discovered that the plastic bottle it comes in may be more dangerous than the Water itself…

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