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We Shall Have Weather, Whether Or Not…

I woke this morning feeling an uncomfortable chill – more the kind that comes from one of those unexplainable, creepy intuitions we all get once in a while than the sort resulting from any concrete, palpable cause. But I was wrong. About half an inch / 1.25 cm of fresh snow had crept in overnight setting a record for earliest snowfall…

Breakfast Burrito - © transforming-science.comBreakfast Burrito: Using previous night’s Supper Leftovers!

It used to be that the first snow that stayed (i.e.- didn’t melt on landing or evaporate as soon as the sun came out) was never expected until mid or late November. There was another saying that, if the first ‘serious’ snow came later than a week before Christmas Eve, it was going to be an ‘easy’ winter.

“Makes you wonder,” my ancient and venerable Mother remarked, “what ever became of Global Warming.”

Moving up my calendar…

Whatever the cause, this will easily be the earliest I’ve ever dusted off my roster of favourite hot breakfast recipes for the season. And I want to stress that the following are ideas that aren’t among the first menu items we all think of when we think ‘Breakfast’.

Hot Cereal

To me, this means only one thing: good, old rib-sticking Oatmeal. I’m from good old Scottish stock and, as such, it’s one of the first things a kid gets to do in a Scottish kitchen: stir the Oatmeal, constantly, consistently, slowly and gently, just enough to make sure it doesn’t stick or get lumpy or gluey. Serve with a pat of of Butter (like my paternal granddad always ate it) or smother in Brown Sugar and Milk. Nothing to set you up for a cold, wintry day.

You an actually heat and soften any whole Grain Breakfast Cereal (i.e.- Shreddies, Wheaties, Corn Flakes, Cheerio O’s, Bran Flakes; whatever). Just pour out a serving of Dry Cereal in a heat-proof bowl and pour enough boiling Water over it to cover. Drain immediately, drain and top as you like. Hot cereal is a great opportunity to break out the Fresh or Frozen Fruit, too!


The possibilities here are almost endless. Among the easiest Eggs you can make are my Maracas Scrambled Eggs. They, in turn, can be the main ingredient in Breakfast Burritos, Tacos or even Scrambled Egg Sandwiches on Toast or Toasted Buns of any kind!

Omelets are fun for everyone, and you can let your diners stuff them with anything they like.

Eggs are also the primary ingredient in any Breakfast Bake – one of the most festive dishes you can make for family or friends – and one of easiest and most fool-proof.

I love Egg Clouds (see photo, top of page), but I recommend you save this recipe for Sunday morning or any birthday that’s imminent. It’s really easy but looks like you had to have completed 5 years of Chef’s School to perfect it.

Fried Eggs

Sunnyside Up Fried Eggs can be the star of any traditional breakfast. Let your imagination go and see what you can think of to partner them with, to make a lunch or supper a breakfast!

Over-easy Fried Eggs are among the most versatile kinds of Eggs to incorporate in cold weather breakfasts. For instance, they can be the foundation of a home-style Egg, Sausage / Ham / Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

Or whip up something warm and spicy and flavour-WOW like an Indonesian Shakshouka (traditionally served with a Fried Egg on top).

And don’t forget Heuvos Rancheros

Breakfast Burritos…

… Using last night’s supper leftovers are one of my fave things right now. They’re a great way to camouflage leftovers from those big Family Feasts. Also a great way to ‘expedite’ those leftover Sunday Roasts!

That’s just a start!

Not to mention a very select, curated list of my all-time faves. Use site search right here at the FFB or Google ‘Breakfast’ for lots more ideas and variations on the above. Just remember my two rules: don’t commit to anything that’s going to dirty too many dishes, take too long to make, or require any special ingredients you may not have on hand already. And… Always time your prep so that you can sit down with the rest of the family to enjoy your first meal of the day together!

~ Maggie J.