UPDATE: Burger King ‘Goody Bag’ Guy Buys House

A couple of years ago, a Burger King employee, Kevin Ford, became a viral celebrity. After someone posted that he had received a ‘goody bag’ of cheap trinkets from the resto to celebrate 27 years working there, never missing a day…

Kevin Ford Swag - © 2022 FastRitz via Reddit

Ford’s ‘reward’ consisted of a movie ticket, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, a Starbucks tumbler, a lanyard, two pens, some keychains, and two rolls of Lifesavers.

Then came a debate among ‘followers’ over whether the goody bag same from the company, the franchisee or Ford’s co-workers. Burger King (some level of management) finally made official acknowledgement of Ford’s service accomplishment. But too late to head off a publicity storm.

Then somebody did something

A Go Fund Me page was started for Ford by his daughter, Serena. The official goal was $200. But after a week or two, the page had raised more than $400 K. The final tally was $452,375.

Nevertheless, Ford – never one to take anything for granted – told People magazine, “I still work at the same place, C Gate’s Burger King. I still drive Uber and DoorDash on the weekends.”

And, now…

Ford has announced what he’ll do with the money. He’s buying a house. A modest, $177 K, 800 sq. ft. bungalow just outside Las Vegas. A first-time home-owner at age 56. Who brought up three daughters. Who have given him three grandkids. All, basically, on a Burger King paycheque.

And, if he had to stop working for some reason, he’s be padded into retirement at least a bit by the remainder of the Go Fund Me ‘bequest’.

“It was like a beautiful script that nobody could even write because nobody would believe it,” He told UK’s Daily Mail. “It is a wonderful ride that America and the whole world put me on.”

That’s not a story you read every day!

~ Maggie J.