Pie for Pi Day - Detail - © News 10 WILX

Today is International Pi Day!

That means, Pi(e) lovers are celebrating worldwide with pies of all kinds. But it’s really a celebration of the letter Pi, which is a mathematical curiosity. How do the two relate? That takes more math and some just-for-fun stuff that we can all take part in, whether we’re math whizzes or not!

Pie for Pi Day - © News 10 WILXA perfect Pie for Pi Day!

Pi is the mathematical constant that lets us measure the attributes of a circle. It is approximate value is 3.14. I could go on, but the number actually goes to infinite decimal places (we think) without repeating itself! I said it was a curiosity.

Now, let’s progress to the dinner table… Pies are traditionally round, like circles, so what better comestible to honour on Pi Day?

It’s official

The U.S. Congress passed a motion in 2009 officially dedicating the 14th of March (3/14) National Pi Day. Really! The entire month of March was celebrated as Pi Month in 2014 (3/14).

Pi Day events crop up everywhere, especially at universities, colleges and science centres. Find one in your area and go for it! Among other things, you’ll discover that mathematicians are not as stuffy  and theoretical as you thought!

~ Maggie J.