Reza Aslan Eating Brains - Detail - © 2017 CNN

CNN Doc Host Eats Brains, Spawns Smears

The host of a new CNN documentary series, Believers, actually ate human brains in a recent episode, in which he was exploring the religion of cannibals. How far is too far, when immersing one’s self in other cultures and religions? When in  Rome, do as the Romans do, but…

Rezza Aslan Eating Brains - © 2017 CNNRezza Alsam eats Human Brains on last weekend’s episode
of his new Documentary series, Believers.

Believers is CNN’s latest, much-promoted prime time documentary series. It’s all about exploring the worlds religions, or beliefs. But some viewers say host Reza Aslam went too far as their amanuensis in the globe-trotting quest to quench their curiosity when he visited the ‘extreme Hindu sect’ called the Aghori. They’re cannibals and they’re particularly fond of eating human brains. And Aslam joined them in a ceremonial feast of brain and drinking out of a human skull.

There’s a Twitter hashtag, # Believer, where you can peruse the various responses to Aslam’s escapade. His contribution was: “Want to know what a dead guy’s brain tastes like? Charcoal. It was burnt to a crisp!”

That probably didn’t do a lot to assuage the hurts of those who were not amused or impressed by his stunt. You can follow him on Facebook via @rezaaslan .

Not all those who commented were haters like this person:

Rezza Hater - © 2017 TwitterA typical Rezza hater, on Twitter.

But most were. Rezza is bot backing down nor side-stepping the controversy. But he is stepping up and justifying himself. He knows that any kind of mention on social media is transmutable to good news for an project like his. His haters are actually giving him and his series invaluable advertising!

~ Maggie J.