Mr. Tips - Detail - © Hyemp via Reddit

The Strangest, Sweetest Pizza Guy Tip Ever!

Here’s a story that almost seems to have come from the keyboard of a Hollywood script writer. I present it here because I love food, I love cats and I love people involved with food who love cats.I hope it will touch a soft spot in your hearts. I recommend you read it while eating Pizza!

Mr. Tips - © Hyemp via RedditMr. Tips, age 17 and counting. He is obviously well cared for and much loved!

Reddit user Hyemp shared this tale recently…

He was paying his way through college delivering Pizzas and, as all Pizza Guys, was expecting to make more in tips than on his per-pie stipend. Imagine his surprise, on delivering one particular pie to a farmhouse way out in the boonies, when the customer had only exact change. We don’t know what was said or perhaps just ‘indicated’ by Hyemp. But the customer offered him a rather unique bonus: a kitten. As anyone who knows farms knows, there are always lots of kittens around, especially in the barn, and even more especially if you have dairy cows. He named the feline foundling Mr. Tips.

Hyemp admits to being a little intoxicated at the time:

“Sure – not a lot to it quite honestly. I was stoned in college delivering a pizza to a house on a farm. Some stoned 20 something answered the door and said he only had exact change and he was sorry for no tip. Then he proceeded to hand me a kitten as he said, “but you can have a kitten as a tip!” and I very highly said, ‘alright maaaan. cool’ and here we are 17 years later.”

I think I’m gonna cry…

~ Maggie J.