Tim’s adding Nutella to Cast of Characters

More menu surprises from Tim Horton’s! Recently, we remarked on the likelihood of changes – large and small – at Tim’s as a result of their takeover by Burger King – a unit of mega-holding company 3G of Brazil. 3G has a rep for cutting both staff and menu selections. But not this time, apparently…

Tim's new Chocolate Hazelnut Pocket Doughnut - © insidetimmies.comTim’s new Chocolate Hazelnut Doughnut – one of several new Nutella-blessed treats.
Tim’s will also add Nutella to its toppings menu for Bagels and other breakfast items.

Last week, we reported that Tim’s is launching the first of a proposed series of new, premium Coffees in selected test markets. These new flavours will be special roasts of Coffees grown in specific regions in Central America and are targeted to compete with the likes o Starbucks and Second Cup.

Now, we hear that Tim’s is also partnering with Nutella Chocolate Spread in a new push to expand its breakfast offerings.

Not the healthiest?

We wonder about the wisdom of Tim’s hitching its wagon to the Nutella Brand. true, it’s really popular, but it’s also been plagued recently with controversy – and even scandal in Europe, where laws have been proposed that would ban Nutella because it is dietarily extravagant. The numbers speak for themselves: Two tablespoons of Nutella (about one-third of what the average person would put on one slice of toast) contain more than a quarter of your recommended daily total allotment of fats and 20 per cent of your daily allotment of saturated fats (the bad kind) in particular. That serving also contains 21 g of sugar, or 7.5 per cent of your daily dose. All told, that’s at least 75 per cent of your daily fat and a quarter of your daily sugar. And figure that most people have two slices of toast for breakfast. Whoops! Yer done for sugar and fat for the day, and it’s not even coffee break!


Okay… The nutrition controversy aside, Tim’s may have snagged a winner in partnering with Nutella. As we said, the stuff is really popular, especially with kids. And Tim’s has now made it officially unavailable at competing breakfast/Coffee/Doughnut outlets.

We’ll see how it works out.

What are the current odds on an anti-Nutella demonstration outside your local Tim’s?

Just asking…

~ Maggie J.