Sunday Musings: SONIC Serves Up A PB And Bacon Burger

The classic Drive-In has been known – mostly fondly – as the bringer of ‘different’ promo dishes to its menu. This time, it may have gone too far. Who really wants to try a Peanut Butter, Bacon and Cheeseburger, except as a novelty?

Dbl PB Bacon Cheeseburger - © 2023 - SONIC

Elvis started it. I swear, y’all! His patronage made the Peanut butter and Bacon combo internationally famous. The story goes he loved the one served by a certain Denver restaurant so much that he once flew in his private jet to Colorado to get one. In the middle of the night.

Not totally unprecedented

The concept of an ‘updated’ Bacon Cheese Burger has been around for years. Maybe even decades. There are myriad ways to augment (or adulterate) the classic bacon-blessed burger. And every year, the fast food menu masters come out with more. For a limited time only, of course.

But now, the slightly off-kilter folks at SONIC have submitted, for your approval, a Bacon, Cheese and Peanut Butter patty presentation. And some fans are asking (loudly), “Is this ‘a bun too far’?”

The ‘new flavour combos’ rage

They may have reached back 50 years to channel Elvis Presley and his PB, J and Bacon monster. But more likely, they became a little too enthralled with the 2023 rage for ‘updating’ and mashing-up classic flavour combos.

The whole broad concept and all the food blog posts it triggered share one element in common. They all spotlight Peanut Butter as a pivotal focus for the craziness. Yours truly even deigned to compile a post listing recipes for more than half a dozen ‘new’ ways to look at the classic Peanut Butter Sandwich. But nowhere in this space have I ever suggested that PB be partnered with Beef in any form. Let alone, in company with cheese.

What is the SONIC creation?

Simple. It’s basically a 2-patty beefburger, each patty sitting on a slice of American (Processed) cheese. Then it’s topped with bacon and peanut butter.

I have to admit, it looks pretty enticing, until you realize the ‘sauce’ is really peanut butter. Then I get a twinge in my tastebuds. A Cheeseburger – let alone a Bacon Cheeseburger – is already a feast of salt and fat. Too much fat for my taste, actually. And I consider my position on Fast Food burgers pretty average. Add peanut butter and you add another layer of grease. The oil renders out of the PB under the influence of the heat of the patties and bacon.

There’s a problem with the mouth feel imparted by melted peanut butter, too. Not a problem if it’s on bread or some other absorbent substrate. But definitely a ‘slimy’ sensation. Add to that, the flavour of PB really clashes with, rather than complementing that of the Beef.

Bottom line

Did SONIC bother to focus/market test this new offering? Or… Do they even care what folks think of it, as long as enough fans try it (as a novelty). And it gets their brand some additional, much-desired promotion?

Naw. That would be downright cynical of me to even suggest…

But my question to you is:

Would you try the new SONIC Double Peanut Butter and Bacon Cheeseburger?

And if to, would you do so out of mere curiosity?

Or because you actually thought the combo would be yummy?

Muse on that…

Maggie J.