Bacon Beef 'N Cheddar - © 2024 - Arbys

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News!

The major Fast Food chains are all deeply involved in big bring-back and new-item limited-time menu adds. Only one Snack and one Beverage headline of note this week. And nothing at all to impress in the Sides or Novelty categories…

60-cent Snack Tacos - © 2024 - Del TacoDel Taco celebrates 60 years with 60-cent Snack Tacos


Del Taco celebrates 60th with $0.60 Tacos!

Del Taco will turn 60 this spring. And to celebrate, the chain is offering 60-cent Snack Tacos from January 4 to March 6, 2024. The freebies feature classic seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, and fresh house-grated cheddar cheese. You can choose either a crunchy corn shell or a warm flour tortilla. Just one catch: You have to be a member of the Del Yeah! Rewards program, and order through the app.

Taco Bell rings in $3 Or Less Cravings Menu

The Bell tested a new Cravings value menu last fall and it proved so successful that the brand is rolling it out across the chain next week (January 11). The new value menu lists 10 fresh items replacing a slate of 8 different items in the previous $5 Or Less Cravings deal.

El Pollo Loco brings back Double Fit Bowls

The Double Pollo Fit Bowls are designed to be lighter, cleaner and more healthy to eat. There are two varieties: the Classic Double Pollo Fit Bowl, and the Street Corn Double Pollo Fit Bowl.

Double Fit Bowls - © 2024 - El Pollo Loco

Both come with Creamy Cilantro Dressing on the side. They certainly look like something that could satisfy the healthiest appetite!

Jack In The Box ships Mega Munchies Box…

It’s $20, and it includes all JITB’s fan faves: 26 Tiny Tacos, 3 large orders of seasoned Curly Fries, 14 Stuffed Jalapenos and 6 dips. It’s just in time for the Super Bowl season. No coincidence, there.

… Brings back Bonus Double Jack…

You remember the Double Jack: It’s JITB’s answer to the Big Mac. Two beef patties, two slices of American (Processed) cheese, shredded lettuce…

Double Bonus Jack - © 2024 - Jack In The Box

…pickles, and JITB Secret Sauce. Not a bad deal at all, at just $3.99 across the chain, at participating locations.

… Intros new Smashed Jack

It’s JITBs take on the classic Smashburger. It’s built on a soft, squishy Brioche bun, starting with two 1/4-lb. / 115 g beef patties, and topped with American (Processed) cheese, pickles, grilled onions, and new Boss Sauce. The ‘Boss’ is said by insiders to be a close cousin of JITB’s ‘Secret sauce’. A copycat version of McDonald’s Special Sauce.

Burger King rebounds $5 Duo Deal

That is, they’re offering a mix-and-match deal that lets you chose any two from a lineup featuring the Whopper Jr. and three BK Royal Crispy (Chicken) Wraps. Choose the Classic, the Spicy or the Honey Mustard version.

$5 Duo Deal - © 2024 - Burger King

There’s also a $10 Duo Meal Deal that adds two small fries, and two small drinks. Worth noting: These Deals DO NOT require you to order through an app or online! Such offers are becoming rarely spotted these days – perhaps headed for extinction…

SONIC launches Peanut Butter and Bacon Cheeseburger

You heard right. The guys who regularly, though usually under the radar, love to push the limits, have intro-ed a limited-time Double Cheeseburger topped with bacon, grilled onions and… Peanut Butter. Some fans say it’s ‘a topping too far’. There’s also a new, ‘matching’ shake. We’ll be ‘unpacking’ this development tomorrow, under the Sunday Musings banner…

Wing Stop celebrates ‘Dry (Rub) January’

In the past, health and sobriety advocates have promoted Dry January observances, asking folks to abstain from alcohol for the mo0nth to make a better start to the new year.

Dry Rub January - © 2024 - Wing Stop

Now, ‘The Wing Experts’ are flying their own Dry January promo, spotlighting their Dry Rub spicy wings flavours. Try the Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan or Louisiana dredges.

KFC kicks off 2024 with 2 new Wraps

They’re the Spicy Mac & Cheese Chicken Tender, and the Honey BBQ Chicken Tender. For a limited time, at selected locations folks who order online via the app can get a free Wrap with any order of $1 or more.

Dairy Queen harvests Chicken Strip Basket deal

DQ is offering a new meal deal ‘basket’ of four crispy-fried seasoned white meat chicken strips, French fries, Texas Toast, and your choice of dipping sauce.

Chicken Strip Basket Deal - © 2024 - Dairy Queen

It’s officially $6.99 – and that puts it squarely in DQ’s ‘$7 Meal Deals’ slot. Thing is, the chain is also offering $7 Meal Deals, including a 3-piece Chicken Strip Meal and an Original Cheeseburger Meal. Anyway…

Arby’s reprises Brisket Bacon Beef ‘N Cheddar

The sandwich that’s both a mouthful by name, and a mouthful by nature. (See photo, top of page.) It starts with thin-sliced roast beef on a toasted onion bun stacks up smoked brisket, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese sauce and red ranch sauce. Are 2 sauces really needed? Is one, even?

Panera unveils new Sourdough Melts

The bowl-and-sandwich folks are now offering a 2 new sammys built on thick slices of their own Sourdough Bread.

Sourdough Melts - © 2024 - Panera

Bacon Avocado Melt and Southwest Chicken Melt both feature. Both come with a free side. Choose from a French baguette, an apple, or a bag of chips.


MTN DEW Baja Blast in stores

The popular special-access flavour is now available in stores. And will remain so for the balance of this year. (Fans must be jumping up and down.) The Blast family was previously available only through Taco Bell as part of limited-time offers. The in-store exposure is a celebration of the original Blast’s first appearance, in 2014. They call it the 20th ‘Bajaversary’ event…


Rumour Mill: COSTCO to replace Churros?

I stress that this is just a rumour. And the Fab Food Blog usually doesn’t countenance rumours. But this one could directly affect hundreds of thousands of COSTCO food court fans. Word is, they’re considering replacing the Churro on their Food Court desert menu with a new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie. More, as this story unfolds…

And that’s the skinny…

… On what’s likely to be making some of us a little more sedentary over the coming winter days and weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next all-new edition of Fast Food Week!

Maggie J.