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Sunday Musings: Do We Really Need Maple Flavoured SPAM?

I see, in my news feeds this morning, that Hormel Foods – ruler of the SPAM Dynasty – is launching Maple-flavoured SPAM in an effort to increase SPAM consumption at breakfast time. Bad idea or genius move?

SPAM Maple Flavour - © 2023 Hormel Foods

Hormel has been working really hard the past few years to promote its classic SPAM preserved meat product. They’ve amped up their SPAM museum and added a SPAM wedding chapel with reception room. You can feast on a whole menu of SPAM dishes with all your friends and relatives. That’s just one of their way-out promo campaigns. You can also select from a wide variety of SPAM branded merchandise at the online SPAM Gift Shop.

But their most persistent promo activity bar none has been the introduction of new flavours of the flagship product over the past decade.

Yes, we have no bananas…

It’s almost like the old novelty tune, Yes, We Have No Bananas. You could go through the SPAM flavours inventory and set it to music. As of today, there are 16 permanent varieties on the menu. But the company has released many more limited-time special editions in recent years.

Now, Hormel has added a flavour that stands for more than just cheap, addictive lunch meat. The new taste is Maple Flavour, and it’s targeted at the breakfast crowd.

“When recent research showed a resurgence of cooking breakfast at home and an unwavering consumption of maple products, we knew it was time to create SPAM maple-flavored,” explains Lisa Selk, vice president of marketing for SPAM. “And as a permanent addition to our lineup, we can’t wait to see the culinary creations our fans cook up for breakfast and beyond.”

The breakfast connection

Actually, there are multiple connections. One is suggested on the label of the new product: A SPAM breakfast sandwich featuring two slices of the product between two waffles, drizzled with maple syrup.

Health concerns? I think SPAM is probably no more toxic than regular bacon, cured ham or sausage. So, I suppose you could substitute Spam for sausage, ham or bacon in any recipe that takes your fancy.

McDonald’s might well partner with Hormel for a limited-time, while supplies last, Cheese, Egg and SPAM McMuffin! The idea kind of appeals to me…

Will you try MF SPAM?

I think Maple Flavoured SPAM might just have a place, or places, on the breakfast menus of the Western World.

Or are you asking, “Do we really need such a thing?”

Muse on that…

~ Maggie J.