Astros' Chicken Waffele - © 2015 Houston Astros

Stadium Food Update: Waffle Cone Chicken!

It’s become a tradition, here at Maggie J’s Fab Food Blog, to take note of new developments in the Stadium Food Sphere. This specialty focus is linked to the greater sphere of Menu Desperation Madness, which will be a familiar theme to faithful readers. This time, we go to Texas for a taste of Chicken ‘n Waffles Nouveau…

The new Chicken 'n Waffles? - © 2015 Houston AstrosThe official photo of the Houston Astros’ new Waffle & Chicken with Mashed Potatoes
and Honey Mustard Sauce. How much would you pay for one at the Park?

We started this general category for reporting last year, when a spate of menu nuttiness struck a number of pro sports organizations. We exposed the madness of Scorpion Pizza at the Calgary Stampede. We shared our shock when the Arizona Diamondbacks launched their 18 in. (45 cm) ‘D-Bat Dog’ super weenie. If that wasn’t enough, they also unveiled a super-hot ‘Venom Dog’, a spicy footlong garnished with Hot Peppers and Guacamole. Then they brought out what they call a Churro Dog. Earlier this spring, the Texas Rangers Baseball Club unveiled their new ‘Sm’Oreo’ dessert and the (hopefully) unique ‘Chicken Fried Corn on the Cob’.

Now, it’s the Huston Astros, who’ve just introduced a new spectator treat: The ‘Chicken & Waffle Cone’. It’s best described as a regular Waffle Cone, filled with Mashed Potatoes and topped with Chicken ‘Nuggets’ and Honey-Mustard sauce. What next?

Questions to ponder:

  • Would you crave one of these enough to buy it cook-from-frozen from the supermarket?
  • Would you ever, in your life, bother to try and replicate this thing at home in your own kitchen?
  • How much would you spend to buy one at the park? (No retail price was revealed when the photo, above, came out.)

Anyway… There will be lots of other nutty, unhealthy and downright dangerous (see those items heavy on Hot Peppers!) in the Ballparks this summer. Google your fave team and find out what they’re planning…

~ Maggie J.