Chicken Face - © Veronica Bartlett via Pintrest

September Is Chicken Month!

Yes, folks! September is Chicken Month! And what better protein source to celebrate any time of year than Chicken. It’s leaner, arguably more versatile and still cheaper than Red Meats and it deserves more respect than it’s been getting in recent years. It’s much more than McNuggets!

Free Range Chicken - © Chicken - © protein source, so many options!

We’ve been concentrating in recent months on the soaring price of Beef and Produce. That’s fair, given the consequences – many Canadians being priced out of the Beef Market, eating fewer veggies than they should. But there are are alternatives that just might prove more tasty and versatile, as well as viable.

Vegetable Protein, Pork and Chicken are often overlooked as mainstream participants in the western diet. Or, in the case of Chicken, looked down upon as second rate because many modern consumers associate it with Convenience Foods (like KFC) and fast Foods (like McNuggets or Chicken Sandwiches). All these populist chicken presentations have one thing in common: They showcase Chicken as an over-salted, deep-fried indulgence, often accompanied by Fries and other naughty nibbles.

A world of possibilities

Let’s think, for a moment about what I like to think of as ‘The Other Chicken’: I mean the Chicken that stars so often in Asian cuisine, The French Fricassée and roasted in the Sunday Family Dinner.

How about Chicken Salad? Or a Hot Chicken Sandwich? or Chicken Croquettes? Or a Chicken Brest stuffed with Asparagus and Bacon? Or a Chicken Pot Pie? Or Chicken Fried Rice? Or Chicken Piccata? Chicken Cacciatore? Or Chicken Soup? Or a nice, old-fashioned Chicken Stew?

We’ve only scratched the surface! Visit for hundreds of great recipe ideas from cultures spanning the globe…

And celebrate the humble Chicken this month!

~ Maggie J.