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Caff-Pow!* It’s National Coffee Day!

It’s National Coffee Day and we can all celebrate in our own way.The globally-celebrated caffeine deliver system is a common denominator that even tea-loving Brits can share with the rest of us. If you think it all sounds like fun and games and giggly jitters, you have another think coming…

As with all guilty pleasures, enjoy your Coffee responsibly today…

Coffee is big, big business, especially for the tropical and sub-tropical countries that count the bean as one of their principle products and their main export. It’s estimated that Earthlings, from Kenyan farmers to the President of France consume more than 2.5 billion – ‘billion’ with a ‘b’ – cups of the stuff every day.

However, the world’s coffee industry is being threatened – especially the big producers in South and Central America – by global warming and the implacable march of a voracious species of predatory beetle. But that’s another story.

And let’s not forget the politics. Coffee growers and process workers all over the world are being championed by human rights groups seeking better wages and working conditions for them and higher, ‘fairer’ prices for the Coffee they produce. That, too, is another story…

All that aside…

Most of us can still afford our morning jolt, even though the price has gone up in the past few years and appears to be going up further in the future. The selection of coffees available in our supermarkets, from all corners of the equatorial zone, than ever before. How do you celebrate?

Lots of folks will raise an extra Double-Double today. Some will treat themselves to a premium Java. Others will explore the wide world of Coffee-based treats:

Have a cone of Mocha Ice Cream.

Have a classic American Breakfast of Biscuits, Ham and Red-Eye Gravy.

Add some Instant Coffee to your BBQ Rib Rub and/or Sauce.

Try a Moca-Java Molé sauce on Roast or Fried Chicken or Pork.

Put some in your Chocolate Cake mix and in the Icing!

Spike your dinnertime Coffee with Bailey’s, Tia Maria or Amaretto.

However you celebrate, remember the hardworking guys on hillsides all over the tropics, lovingly tending the Coffee bushes every day and hoping you keep on caffeinating! To you, it’s a beverage. To them, it’s their livelihood!

~ Maggie J.

*Thanks to Mark Harmon and NCIS for the use of ‘Caff-Pow!, lab maven Abby Sciutto’s jolt of choice…