Swiss Chalet Lays Chips - © Swiss Chalet

Lay’s Is Playing ‘Crazy Flavours’ Again!

You all know about Lay’s annual new potato chip flavour contest. Chip lovers vote with their wallets and the winner is decided based on sales. Well, the company is making an exception by introducing a new flavour ‘out of season’, in a promo deal with Swiss Chalet restaurants…

Swiss Chalet Chips - © Swiss ChaletThe Chalet Sauce Chip promo with Swiss Chalet was so popular in the restaurant that
Lay’s decided to roll out the flavour across Canada November 1.

Yes, the iconic Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce is now a Lay’s chip flavour! It’s debuting first in Swiss Chalet restaurants and willl be available there ‘while quantities last’, but will launch nation-wide in Canada November 1 in three familiar off-the-shelf sizes. No word whether the flavour will be offered for a limited time only. Hope not.

Swiss Chalet has been around since 1954 and it’s famous Dipping sauce has been a favourite just as long. It’s another of those culinary ‘secret recipes’ and it stayed secret to this day. Except that, now, Swiss Chalet has shared the secret with Lay’s.

The decision to go public with the flavour was made following a huge positive response from Chalet diners who scooped them up in armfuls.

Shereen Yasseen, Senior Director of Marketing for Frito Lay / PepsiCo Foods Canada told reporters, “We knew Canadians would have a sweet spot for Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips, but the response has been beyond our expectations.”

I wonder which Iconic Canadian flavour will be next to co-promote with Lay’s chips?

~ Maggie J.