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Peanut Butter Recipes: The Cream Of The Creamy Crop!

I can’t get along without Peanut Butter. I use it in SO many dishes and snacks! In fact, I surprised myself when I sat down recently and listed my favourite PB concoctions. So I thought I’d share some of the stars of my personal Peanut Butter universe…

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More than just your basic PB&J…

A lot more! The Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich became a classic almost as soon as it first appeared in print in 1901. And it exploded in popularity after the Second World War, after PB&J were included in GI rations.

Now, PB&J is a cornerstone of modern peanut butter culture. There have been countless enhancements and refinements over the past 7 decades, but the simple, original formula has come through, unscathed, as the standard.


As much as I love a Lettuce & Peanut Butter wrap as a quick, high-protein, veggie-cramming snack… I have many more-elegant and ornate PB dishes in my repertoire that I love more than chocolate, itself!

Like what?

PB Breakfast Smoothie

A natural! Full of PB protein and umami goodness. I like to counterpoint the PB with a Banana, which is a classic pairing. If I crave more ‘sweet’, I add maple syrup. A little dab will do you. It’s tastes sweeter than table sugar thanks to the maple flavoring components.

As for the added sugar angle, MS and table sugar are about equal. But the perceived sweeter taste means you can use less MS. I have no set recipe for mu smoothie. You can experiment with proportions and other ingredients. I usually just throw in that I have at hand. A few orange segments (pits removed) or a whole Christmastime Mandarin are one of my fave additions.

Eggplant PB Masala

A classic Indian dish. This one qualifies as a side at a meal where meat is present. But it’s also enjoyed as a main in vegetarian and vegan environments.

The masala can be elaborate or simple. Either way, feel free to increase or reduce the amount of heat in the recipe. And experiment with the traditional flavourings to determine which blend tastes best to you. Remember: No 2 Indian cooks make the same dish the exact same way!

PB & Chickpea Hummus

Another fave snack! And one I occasionally use in the wrap in place of ‘plain’ PB. It’s essentially the same as traditional Hummus, but with PB in place of Tahini. Some folks use PB because Tahini is expensive. Others say the flavour is superior. And some of them throw in some toasted Sesame Seeds anyway, to add complexity to the overall flavour.

I use a blender rather than  a food processor to make this stuff. It thoroughly pulverizes and combines the ingredients and produces a smoother product. Important tip: Taste for salt before you declare the blending over…

Peanut Butter Satay

That’s almost a redundancy. Because Satay is always made with peanuts. But using PB can make prep a lit easier and faster. Though you may want to add some fresh ground peanuts – or just use crunchy PB – for texture. Again, use the blender rather than the food processor, for fastest, smoothest results!

Though Satay (see photo, above, left) is common throughout Southeast Asia, its roots are firmly planted in Thailand and Indonesia. The two versions appear very similar at first glance, but vary considerably in the details of the flavourings they employ.

Peanut Butter Curry

So many variations! As many as there are cooks who make it… But the basics are pretty much standard. This recipe is conveniently streamlined, using all the essentials but none of the incidentals. And it’s quick and easy to put together.

The recipe is actually for a Chickpea Curry. But you can make the sauce by itself and use whatever ‘headline’ foods you wish: Chicken, Tofu, Beef, Seafood, Eggplant, Cauliflower… Whatever!

Gado Gado

Yes! A warm Salad you’ll want to make all the time as an all-in-one side. Or enjoy on its own as a hearty, flavourful vegetarian/vegan main. Gado Gado sauce is simply ground (‘pounded’) peanuts (or peanut butter, in our case), water, sugar and salt. The flavourings include garlic, onions and Thai Red Chili Paste. Potatoes, tofu and Asian green (‘Long’) beans form the bulk of the veggie ingredients.

Take a few minutes to tinker with the proportions of the flavourings to perfectly balance the heat of the Chili Paste with the sweet and salt.

My take

Peanut Butter is a great source of protein and many other essential nutrients. It should be a regular part of your diet. And I’ve suggested just a few exciting ways to use it today.

That being said, remember that PB is a high-calorie, relatively high-fat food. And commercial PBs contain added sugar and salt, and preservatives and other additives you may not want to put into your body. Heck… You can make your own, using bulk roasted peanuts, salt and a drizzle of peanut oil, in your own blender!

~ Maggie J.

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