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Menu Madness Season IV: Chorizo Doughnut

As I said, back on October 6 of this year, it’s officially Menu Madness Season, again. Our fourth nominee (in a mere two weeks!) for maddest of the year is a new Cali creation dubbed the Queso Fundido Chorizo Brioche Donut. It’s bucking for star status at this weekend’s OozeFest.

Mad Chorizo Doughnut - © Café CalacasHere she is… The absolutely mad Queso Fundido Chorizo Brioche Donut.
This weekend only at Oozefest!

 Yes. Oozefest. And, if you’ve been following our Menu Madness Season series, you’ll know it’s in Santa Ana, CA and admission is by ticket only. To get a taste of the Queso Fundido Chorizo Brioche Donut, you’ll need a VIP pass. Reserve now, online at the OozeFest site. Oozefest is officially a celebration of Cheese, but you gotta expect some crazy implementations of Cheese at a gig like that. Like Chacho’s Four-Pound Taco.

The Queso Fundido Chorizo Brioche Donut is exactly as it looks, a celebration of Cheese if ever there was one! It’s available only during Oozefest, though fans are already organizing a push to have it added to the menu at Café Calacas in Santa Ana, where it was created. I don’t think there’s a prize for finishing it in one sitting…

~ Maggie J.