Mac N Cheese Crust Pizza - © Hellthy Junk Food

Menu Madness: Extremes in Extreme Eating

Time to take a look at the latest developments in extreme eating… That is, the crazy menu items Fast Food and regular restaurant proprietors out on their menus mainly to get your attention. The prevailing trend in extreme eating seems to be a combination of huge dishes and unhealthy ingredients…

T-Rex Burger - © calamary63 via InstagramA recent photo of the elusive Wendy’s T-Rex Burger. There is speculation that the blogging world may be getting trolled by somebody in Kentucky, on this. Photo analysts note that
a real T-Rex should have Tomato, Lettuce and Pickles on top…

This time, on ‘Menu Madness’… Two menu items that will either cure you of your fascination with crazy food combos or kill you, if you eat them too often.

First, a monstrous Burger…

Wendy’s legendary T-Rex Burger – nine Beef Patties and nine Process Cheese Slices – first appeared here in 2013. Of course, such a crazy bite went viral on social media. But, then, Wendy’s discontinued it. Hmmm…

Now, the T-Rex seems to be back, in Kentucky – a state that is famous for being used as a test market by the Fast Food chains.

When last available, this ginormous Burger sold for (US)$21.99 or (US)$24.99 for a combo. I would definitely need a drink to wash it down, but who could eat fries on top of that??? Come to think of it, the T-Rex would probably constitute three or four meals for me. Doggie Bag? I’d need a ‘Dino Bag’!

…and a huge, gooey, greasy Cheesy Pizza

YouTube channel Heallthy Junkfood – they’re just kidding, the food is totally unhealthy and way-out nutty – has come up with a new extreme in Pizza. They’ve got a video out on how to make a Pizza Crust from Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese. No kidding. Another one of those, “We did it because they said it couldn’t be done!” ideas, I’m thinking.

You’ve seen Mac and Cheese on a Pizza, in a Pizza (first down on the crust and topped with traditional Pizza toppings) and rolled in a slice of Pizza. Now, it’s Pizza on a Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese Crust. Really. It’s estimated to contain at least 2,250 Calories per slice – more than a full day’s allotment for the average man. So, if you love it, let it go. If it comes back, take an anti-acid.

~ Maggie J.