Menu Madness: Grilled Doughnuts?

Here’s a frivolous post about an extremely frivolous topic. Actually, it’s about ‘frivolousness’ as the new leading concept in menu evolution among restauranteurs across the developed world. Does that sound like an over-hyped, too-sweeping statement? Consider, then, the Grilled Doughnut…

Grilling Doughnuts - © 2014 Kerry DiamondHome-Grilled, Sugar-Glazed Doughnuts. Do we really need them?

That’s right. You heard correctly. First, we had pastry purveyors from all points of the compass showing off toppings of all imaginable types. Then, we got the Cronut, then the Wonut. Now… the Fad Merry-Go-Round is coming almost full circle with Grilled Doughnuts.

One notable difference with this latest Doughnut craze is that it seems to be a grassroots thing. Something that just sort of appeared on the Radio or on the Web one day and caught the imagination of the masses. That doesn’t mean restauranteurs desperate to put something ‘new’ on their menus won’t jump at the chance to try it out.

The question is, should they? As I’ve said all along, it’s a far better strategy – one that will stand the test of time – for restauranteurs to do what they do best, at a location where patrons expect to find their kind of cuisine, and do it best!

Also… I can’t sign off without wondering about the mess an improperly-grilled suger-glazed doughnut might make of your grill! Griller Beware!

~ Maggie J.