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MediFood News: Coffee May Combat Obesity!

Okay. Right off the top, I’ll re-assert my skepticism about so-called miracle cures for things like Cancer and Arthritis. And ‘miracle’ foods that claim they can make you smarter. But I thought it worthwhile to mention a new, low-key finding about links between Coffee and Obesity…

Yongjie Ma - © 2014 Unversity of GeorgiaYongjie Ma, research team leader at the University of Georgia, who says he’s
discovered anti-obesity powers in plain old Black Coffee.

Yah, I’ve railed before against junk science and ‘miracle’ diets and other related useless, worthless food fads. But I have also embraced studies by legitimate medical schools and research institutions that suggested beneficial or detrimental links between certain foods and certain diseases or conditions that we all fear in today’s culture of over-consumption and under-nutrition.

This time, though…

I’m spotlighting a new study by researchers at the University of Georgia which says that Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), which is abundant in plain old Black Coffee, may have valuable anti-obesity effects.

“Our study provides direct evidence in support of CGA as a potent compound in preventing diet-induced obesity and obesity-related metabolic syndrome,” says team leader Yongjie Ma. “Our results suggest that drinking coffee is beneficial in maintaining metabolic homeostasis when on a high fat diet.”

Sounds like good news for those of us who eat sensibly and work out regularly but can’t seem to loose any weight, or do lose some but can’t keep it off.

We’ll see…

~ Maggie J.