Mediterranean Mysteries: Tsatziki

Can there be any dish that is more a trademark of Greek cuisine than the ubiquitous Yoghurt sauce known as Tzatziki? As much a treat as a staple at the Greek dining table, it is at once an elegant accompaniment to any Greek feast (alongside fresh Pitas) and a breeze to make…

Tzatziki - © WikipediaFresh, home-made Tzatziki. Garnish with a sprig of fresh Mint and some Black Olives.
Drizzle with your best Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an elegant presentation.

If you’ve ever has Souvlaki you’ve had Tzatziki – that cool. creamy sauce made with Plain Yoghurt and Grated Cucumber. And some Olive Oil and some Lemon Juice and pinch of Salt and White Pepper. mint is traditional, is is a little Greek Oregano.

The key to good Tzatziki is proper preparation of the Cucumber. Grate it medium fine, so it retains some textural character, and place on an old dish towel. (But make sure it’s a clean one!) Twist the towel up in a tight ball and squeeze as much water out of the Cucumber as possible. Add the Cuke to enough Plain Yoghurt to give a nice, dipping-saucy consistency. Finely chop a good few tablespoons of Mint and one tablespoon of Oregano (if you can get fresh). Add these to the Sauce along with Salt, Pepper and Lemon Juice to taste. And don’t for get to stir in a clove of finely minced garlic. Here’s your opportunity to put that Garlic Press you got as a wedding shower gift to good use!

Stir all the ingredients together thoroughly and store covered in the fridge for at least a couple of hours to let the flavours mingle and mellow.

And there you have it! Simple as that!


~ Maggie J.