Chicken McNuggets - Six-Pack - Key - © McDonald's Restaurants

McD’s New Bucket Promo: A Nugget Too Far?

Just a quick note to acknowledge the latest chapter in the ever-escalating saga of Menu Madness in the Fast Food sector. Bet you McNugget fans out have often wished there were just a couple more bites in your order. They always leave you wanting more. Now, in Japan at least, that’s no longer an issue…

Chicken McNuggets - Six-Pack - © McDonald's RestaurantsThe 48-Nugget barrel is 8 times the size of this baseline 6 Nugget snack.
And 8 times the Fat, Salt, and Calories.

You may have heard of the 50-piece McNugget barrel offered to U.S. fans during the Super Bowl. Well… You can now get a 40-piece bucket anytime, any day, at some McD’s locations in the U.S. And they’re offering a truly mammoth 48-piece barrel of McNuggets in Japan as part of a promotion for an Animé-inspired girl group called NGT 48.

No word on how long the promo will last, but it had better be a matter of months rather than weeks. Seems the Barrels are imprinted with pics of the group and contain .limited-edition”collector’ cards. You’d have to buy (and, one assumes, consume) at least 1,200 Nuggets  to collect the whole set. And keep in mind that each barrel costs the equivalent of (C)$20. / (US)$16. Those cards will cost you at least (C)$500. / (US)$400.!

According to McDonald’s own nutrition information for McNuggets each barrel contains a phenomenal 2,240 Calories, 126 g of Carbs, 136 g of Fat, 3,920 mg of Sodium and 112 g of Protein. 112 g of protein? Wait! That’s all? In all those Nuggets? By contrast, the Sodium total is fast-approaching twice the U.S. and Canadian recommended daily adult intake of 2,300 mg. And the usual daily total Calorie count for North Americans is right around 2,000-2,200.

Any way you look at it, a 48-Nugget barrel is a monster!

~ Maggie J.