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Kids Try 100 Years Of Instant Foods…

Believe it or not, ‘instant’ foods have been around for a hundred years, already. And you thought they were invented in your childhood, whenever that was! You Tube Channel Bon Appétit has posted a video of today’s pre-teens not only trying but preparing a century’s worth of instant foods…

Kids, surprisingly, like the Legacy ‘instant’ foods…

1920s: Among the first ‘instant’ foods: Oatmeal and Kraft Velveeta Process Cheese. And Velveeta stands the test of time with the kids, as a quick sauce for Green Beans.

1930s: Self-rising Flour is next. Otherwise known as ‘pancake mix’. The kids shine in their short stack competition.

1940s: Instant Cake Mix comes right on the Flour’s heels. Makes sense. The kids ace both Yellow Cake and Chocolate Frosting. Of course, they like it!

1950s: Instant Chicken Noodle Soup and Nestlés Quick Milk flavouring are a breeze. The kids aren’t overly enthusiastic about either.

From the 1960s, Canned Spaghetti and Freeze-dried Ice Cream – the latter invented for the Apollo Moon Missions but never used. Meh about the Spaghetti; ugh about the ‘Ice Cream’.

In the 70s, the kids break ranks. Some love Hamburger Helper and others can’t stand it.

The 80s are represented by microwave Popcorn and Crystal Light powdered Drink Mix. The kids either hated or were ambivalent about the Drink. The popcorn was burned, out of the microwave bag, and made a less-than-impressive showing. No smiles.

In the 90s, these kids were still not born. They are a little frustrated waiting ju8st a few minutes for their TV Dinner and Pizza Pockets to heat in the microwave. They love the results, though.

The 2000s bring microwave Mac and Cheese and Frozen White Castle sliders. The flavour of the burgers is deemed good, but the kids still want something fresher, from their fave resto. The kids are split on the Mac and Cheese. You either love powdered cheese or you hate it.

Next, they feed the microwave a Cake Mix in a mug and re-heat an exotic frozen entrée. The kids re not impressed with the Cake Mix, but it’s apparently their first taste of Tikka Masala and they are impressed, though just on general principles.

Think that’s got you off the hook for watching the video? Nope! You have to hear what the kids have to say, in their own words, and get a load of the looks on their faces, in response to various ‘instant treats!

~ Maggie J.