Wine Project Woman - Detail - © 2016 Marcos Alberti

Getting Hammered – For The Sake of Art!

You know how you feel after three or four glasses of wine. But have you ever wondered how you look? A photographer in Brazil decided to meld his two passions – wine and pix – and create a gallery the likes of which you’ve never seen before. And might regret seeing now. It’s… sobering.

Wine Project Woman - © 2016 Marcos AlbertiJust one of several dozen of Marcos’ friends who volunteered for the three-glass
Wine Project challenge. It’s remarkable how much a drink or two (or three)
can change one’s demeanor after a long day at work!

Marcos Alberti, a professional photographer from Sao Paolo, Brazil, counts Coca-Cola, Bradesco, Samsung, Nestlé, Nike, Asics, and many more big players among his clientèle. But he has a playful side, as well, as the rationale for his Wine Project clearly shows…

“There is a saying about wine that I really like and it’s something like this: “The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem” I really wanted to see it for myself…”

And he sure did…

“People from all walks of life, music, art, fashion, dance, architecture, advertising got together for a couple of nights and by the end of the third glass  several smiles emerged  and many stories were told.”

Visit Marcos’ website and see the full gallery of his (former?) friends getting progressively looped…

My mantra on wine (adopted from Omar Kayyam) is slightly different, but it adds up to the same result, in the end…

“A book of verses underneath a bough,
A Loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou,
Beside me, singing in the wilderness…
Ah, wilderness were paradise enow!”

Happy Saturday!

Maggie J.