Raisin Bran Question - © 2016 Reddit/graeme3

Will the Courts Decide What’s a Scoop?

First, it was Subway with sub-foot-long rolls. Then, the resurgence of Italian Olive oil counterfeiting. Then, Dunkin Donuts got slammed in court for failing to support its Quebec franchisees. And don’t forget the Loblaw’s French’s Ketchup affair! It’s been a Spring of food world scandals…

Raisin Bran Raisin Rationale - © 2016 Reddit/graeme3The little scoop in the kitchen scale (foreground) carries the raisins Reddit user
graeme3 found in his 1.15 kg box of Raisin Bran. The picture on box
indicates there should be lots more Raisins in there, somewhere…

Now, it’s time for the Breakfast Cereals sector to face the Kleig lights!

I’ve often wondered about the advertising claim, by Kellogg’s, that there are ‘two scoops of raisins in every package of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran’. My first thought was, how big is the scoop? As big as the one shown in the pic on the box? Probably not. Then, there would be more Raisins than flakes inside.

But, really, what does that slogan mean?

According to Reddit user graeme3: Nothing. As the photo above illustrates. That’s a Box of Raisin Bran, a big bowlful of flakes and a very small scoop – just one, mind you – only half full of raisins, as found in the big box.

To complicate the matter further, there are several sizes of Raisin Bran Packages. Different sized scoops? Same size of scoop and more – or fewer – flakes, depending on the box size? Does the term ‘scoop’ have any meaning at all, aside from being a catchy thing to say in a marketing slogan?

Stand and deliver!

Okay, Kellogg’s. Give us a viable explanation or give us a lot more Raisins! The choice is yours. The alternative is to face the biggest class action lawsuit of all time, in which every Raisin Bran purchaser since the brand began – back in 1942 – seeks compensation for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of boxes bought over the years. And who hasn’t had at least one box of Raisin Bran in the house at one time or another?

Poor old Dr. John Kellogg and his brother, Will, just wanted to give the public a healthful breakfast food when they first launched their Corn Flakes back in 1906, in Battle Creek MI. Good thing they’re not around, now, to see the mess their heirs and assigns have gotten themselves into!

More on this breaking story, as it develops…

~ Maggie J.