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How do you like Your Coffee? Early or Late?

People usually ask you how you like your Coffee to help them fix the add-ins for you – Milk or Cream, Sugar, Cinnamon, Foam – whatever. But a new exposé on YouTube suggests that when you like your Coffee may be more important to your overall enjoyment and well being…

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Millions upon millions of people the world over make a cup of Java their first priority after getting out of bed in the morning, Still more would rather be late for work than get there on time without stopping at one of those ubiquitous Coffee drive-thrus for another infusion.

Yet, science now suggests that this classic approach might not be the best way to ‘take your Coffee’.

Investigators Greg Brown and Mitchell Moffit say that you’re probably better off waiting until after you land at work – or get that first round of chores done – before having your first coffee of the day. That’s because, they say, you’re never more awake than when you first come-to in the morning. You’re just starting a possible caffeine overload earlier in the day! I beg to differ. I think, maybe, I have a deep-seated caffeine addiction acquired over a 40-year career in journalism and maintaining a fairly firm grip on me even in semi-retirement. But that’s another story.

Brown and Moffit say the best time for your first Coffee of the day is between 9:00 a.m. and Noon. They also recommend that you not drink Coffee after 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. – unless you work an evening or overnight shift, of course!

Watch the AsapSCIENCE video on YouTube.

If nothing else, this new Coffee regimen might save you some significant bucks over weeks or months by decreasing your reliance on those tempting drive-thrus…

~ Maggie J.