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Holiday Hints: Campbell’s ‘State Of The Sides’ Report

The iconic soup company has offered us thousands of recipes (using their products) over the decades. Now, just in time for US Thanksgiving, they give us a rundown on America’s fave festive side dishes. The results probably won’t surprise you…

Mom's Mashed Potatoes - © theseasonalgourmet.caClassic Mashed Potatoes: American’s top choice
for Thanksgiving Side Dish of 2023…

No just some casual poll…

The Campbell’s website provides a detailed description of the survey’s pedigree. “This online survey of 5,000 Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving (100 per state) was commissioned by Campbell’s and conducted by market research company OnePoll, in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

“Data was collected from July 25 to Aug. 3, 2023. The margin of error is +/- 1.4 points with 95% confidence. This survey was overseen by the OnePoll research team, which is a member of the MRS and has corporate membership with the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).”

So this is the real deal. Listen up!

Key findings

The Report provides a digest of the survey’s key findings as a sort of frame for the big picture.

  • 67 percent prefer side dishes to the entrée, which is up by one percent from last year’s report
  • 66 percent say that sides are a way to bring cultural heritage to the Thanksgiving table
  • Nearly 6 in 10 Americans will celebrate Friendsgiving in 2023

The Top 5

The Top 5 Holiday sides, according to this year’s Report are:

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Stuffing/Dressing
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Yams/Sweet potatoes, and
  • Green Bean Casserole

My take

The Top 5 are really no surprise – to me at least. They’re all tops on my list of go-to sides for any major Family Feast that revolves around The Perfect Roast Turkey.

I guess Mac and Cheese for Thanksgiving is more an American thing than Canadian or European. But I think it would still be a great – if not traditional – addition to any Holiday menu. If the other Top 4 aren’t enough to satiate your dinner crowd!

I also have to point out that the classic Green Bean Casserole is among this year’s anointed. Mac and Cheese is a casserole. And Yams/Squash can be a casserole, too. So the iconic holiday garnish French’s Crispy Onions should logically come in at No. 6!

My beloved Scalloped Potatoes didn’t make the Top 5 cut. But they’ll always be a yummy alternative to Mashed Spuds on my Holiday Menus.

I am disappointed that one of the most-loved sides on my must-make Family Feast menu is not in the Top 5. I guess Cranberry Sauce is getting kind of old for Americans. But I cherish the recipe passed down to me for Cranberry Relish.

And who doesn’t love Deviled Eggs? What a great starter for your Holiday Feast! The secret’s in the spices and garnishes…

Thanks, Campbell’s!

~ Maggie J.