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Hah! Health-and-Diet Myths Debunked!

Just a quick – celebratory – post on a recent Yahoo! offering: Someone has finally got round to asking actual doctors, dieticians and other real experts about a laundry list of popular beliefs about lifestyle Dos and Donts in the contentious arena of ‘Diet and Health’ issues…

Here is just a taste of what this juicy post holds in store:

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“…the truth is, carbohydrates are mood enhancers, improve memory, increase energy levels and can encourage weight loss in some cases.”

“Dieticians say there is nothing to suggest that your body stores more fat in the evenings – it’s a case of what you eat, not when you eat.”

“While celery is incredibly healthy for you with its low-calorie count and high water density, the truth is ‘negative calorie’ foods don’t exist. We can dream…”

“In fact, not only are frozen fruits and veg often cheaper than fresh produce, but as a result of being flash-frozen straight after picking, they also retain a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients.”

Wait a minute! I’ve already debunked that last one in a recent post here, on Maggie J’s FFB! And I’ve also commented on the need for fats in our diet. Does that make me an expert, too? Enjoy the Yahoo! post – and feel less guilty next time you eat something you like. In sensible moderation, of course…

~ Maggie J.