Turkey Dagwood Sandwich - © comfortcooking.com

Festive Feast Follow-Up: Turkey Dinner Encore…

Nobody who’s hosted a Turkey Feast has ever been left with no Turkey leftovers when the dust settled. On Black Friday or December 26. Time to review my favourite ‘Turkey Encore’ applications, compiled over decades of trying to camouflage the leftovers and keep my diners interested…

The obvious…

Turkey Stew - © heartyhosting.com

Turkey Stew

There are multitudes of uses for leftover Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries and other goodies. Some are obvious:

  • Turkey Soup /Stew
  • Turkey Sandwiches (hot, with gravy)
  • Turkey Clubs (cold)
  • Turkey Dinner Wraps (The whole meal reprised, in a Pita or Tortilla Wrapper, microwaved or off the Sandwich Grill)
  • Turkey Casserole (a million variations; choose yours)
  • Turkey à la King or Supreme

The less obvious…

Turkey Breakfast Bake - © thelifeoflulubelle.comTurkey Breakfast Bake

  • Turkey Niçoise Platter (Let folks create their own Niçoise plate with Turkey instead of Chicken on the main platter.)
  • Turkey Breakfast Bake
  • Turkey Chili
  • Turkey and Stuffing Stuffed Peppers
  • Turkey Tacos or Burritos (or Nachos)

The farther out…

Turkey Stir Fry - © turkeyfarmersofnovascotia.comTurkey Stir Fry

  • Butter Chicken with Turkey instead (serve over Rice)
  • Turkey Curry
  • Turkey Romanoff, Stroganoff or Hungarian Goulash (Ready in a jiff using pre-cooked Turkey!
  • Turkey Stir Fry
  • Turkey Pad Thai

Special Stuffing Considerations…

Stuffing Waffle - lg - © carnaldish.comTurkey Dinner encore on a Stuffing Waffle

Especially if you made extra stuffing (cooked outside the Bird in a Casserole)…

  • Turkey Stuffing is great as a side with almost anything!
  • Turkey Stuffing Waffles are a great foundation for a build-it-yourself post-Feast Breakfast or Lunch bar
  • Breaded or Battered Fried Stuffing Balls will charm your guests! (Like a Falafel!)

And there’s lots more!

The above are just my favourites. Just Google ‘leftover Turkey recipes’. You’ll get about 19 million returns… Find your faves and make a new Festive Feast tradition for your family!

~ Maggie J.