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Father’s Day Feature: Keep It Simple…

Make this father’s Day a great day for everyone in the family. Rather than getting all elaborate with dinner plans and preparations, give yourself a break and keep it simple. And, at the same time, give Dad what he REALLY wants to eat on his big day. Go ahead, ask him. You might be surprised!

Classic Cobb Salad - © Illhavesecondsblog.wordpress.comA standard Cobb Salad. Except that the original recipe also calls for
black olives and a light Red Wine Vinaigrette…

Once many years ago, when I asked my Mom what she’d like for brunch on her birthday, she surprised the heck out of me. “All I really want is a nice, golden brown, gooey toasted Cheese Sandwich!” So, I naturally went ahead and added Black Forrest Ham, Sautéed Mushrooms some slivers of Red Onion and an extra slice of Gruyere to bring it all together. Alas! Mom was disappointed. She really did want a plain, simple Toasted Cheese Sandwich!

Learned my lesson…

I once asked my Dad (rest his soul) what he wanted for dinner on his Birthday and he surprised me, too. He said, “What I’d really like is a nice juicy Hamburger, about half a pound, and none of this ‘healthy’, Extra Lean Beef nonsense. And just top it with a nice slice of Beefsteak Tomato and a piece of Cheddar.” That time, I took him at his word. Sure, I added Worcestershire Sauce and some fresh Thyme and Basil to the Patty. I figured he wouldn’t notice – and, if he did, he wouldn’t mind. Even though his birthday was in January, I got out the grill pan, heated it up on the stove top and made his Burger as Summery as possible! I cheated a little, roasting up some Garlic Potato Wedges. He loved those with anything off the Grill.

The meal was a hit! I was able to actually sit with him and watch the football game after I finished the quick, easy prep on the meal and put the Potatoes in the oven.

So what, now?

Dad passed away 15 years ago this month. Since then, Mom and I have indulged in a new father’s Day tradition I know he’d get a real kick out of. Every year, we come up with a dish we both like that Dad would never, EVER have ordered for Father’s Day – or any other dinner – and lay it on for ourselves, in his honour. The first Father’s Day without him, we had his Simple Burger and cried a lot. Tonight, it’s a deluxe Cobb Salad with Bleu Cheese, Artichoke Hearts and Roast Beef as well as Chicken Breast and Crispy Bacon. The Hard Boiled Eggs will be Deviled. (Dad, really, REALLY hated Deviled Eggs!)

Mom and I will watch the Blue Jays game and hoist a libation to him. And we will NOT cry!

Make your own Father’s Day Traditions!

And keep it simple…

~ Maggie J.