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Fast Food Week: Quick Service Resto And Snacks News!

It’s all about Mains and Snacks this week. And variety is the spice of life. From Halal Spicy BBQ to Honey Lemon Pepper Wings. The smash-hit Smashed Jack burger is back, as is Chipotle’s Chicken Al Pastor. And MTN DEW celebrates a big ‘Bajaversary’…

Spicy BBQ Chicken - © 2024 - Halal GuysReturning faves: The Halal Guys reprise Spicy BBQ Chicken platters (above) and Pitas…

The rundown…

Here’s how the Fast Food scene looks, post-St. Pat’s Day:


Halal Guys reprise Spicy BBQ Chicken

The HGs are bringing back one of their most popular limited-time  specials. It’s available in a Spicy BBQ Chicken platter and a BBQ Spiced Pita. The Spicy BBQ experiences is made possible by a blend of HGs’ BBQ and Hot sauces. Available at participating HGs locations, for a limited time.

‘Smashed Jack’ is Back!

The Smashed Jack burger, intro’d by Jack In The Box earlier this year, sold out in days (see photo, top of page). Now it’s back, and fans are delirious. It’s built on a soft brioche-style bun, with a 1/4 lb. ‘smashed’ beef patty. Toppings include American (Processed) cheese, pickles, grilled onions, and Jack’s Boss Sauce. The Smashed Jack was recently voted ‘Best Burger In Fast Food’ in a taste test against equivalents from BK, McD’s and Wendy’s.

Chipotle’s brings back Chicken Al Pastor

It’s been a fave among fans. But it hasn’t shown up since last August. So lovers of the crispy, flavourful chunks of marinated, grilled chicken will be all the hungrier for it.

Chicken Al Pastor - © 2024 - Chipotle

It’s marinated in a blend of morita peppers, achiote, and sweet pineapple. And splashed with a squeeze of lime and a shower of fresh cilantro just before serving.

Popeye’s peps up spring with Lemon Pepper Wings

Just what you need to wake up your taste buds from their long winter’s nap! They’re crispy breaded wings dredged in Honey Lemon Glaze with a ‘hint’ of black pepper for zing. They come min at ‘3 flames’ out 5 on the Popeye’s heat scale. Mobile app users can find details of their early-access offer online. The ‘all-access’ limited-time release comes in April 1. And that’s no joke.

Hardee’s pops new Breakfast Wraps

Choose from 4 new wraps: Sausage Egg and Cheese; Bacon Egg and Cheese; Egg and Cheese; and Sausage Egg and Gravy.

Hardee's Breakfast Wraps - © 2024 - Chewboom

Like your fave sandwich/muffin in a warm flour tortilla. Get ’em at participating Hardee’s locations at the tantalizing price of 2 for $5.


MTN DEW gushes over ’20th Bajaversary’

The DEW is celebrating the 20th anniversary of BAJA Blast with two new flavours: Laguna Lemonade (a mango lemonade blend), and Point Break Punch (a tropical punch blend). Check out the BB online store for Baja-themed merch, accessories, electronics, and a special deal at Taco Bell. BB is usually available only at The Bell. But this year, it’s being blasted out to stores!


Krispy Kreme celebrates Spring

KK has rolled out its Spring 2024 Minis Collection. Featuring 4 new, ornately decorated dunkers. They’re: the Mini Bird’s Nest (with mini Cadbury’s Eggs); the Strawberry doughnut…

Spring Minis Collection - © 2024 - Krispy Cream

… the Hatching Chick doughnut; and the Robin’s Egg doughnut. Available now, for a limited time. For takeout from the store, or delivery via the app.

OREOs débuts new Churros flavour

Another one? It’s like the OREOs guys (and gals) are going for a Guinness World’s Record for ‘most new flavours introduced in a given year’. What is it? Half a dozen already in 2024? More? I’ve lost count. Anyway… OREOs have finally jumped on the Churros bandwagon. And not a moment too soon…

M&M’s Easter Sundae special edition

Slake your craving for Easter Chocolate anytime with a bag of M&M’s Easter Sunday edition. It’s a mixture of cherry and vanilla-flavoured white chocolate centres, in red…

Easter Sundae - © 2024 - M&Ms

… brown and ‘cream’ candy coats. (It’s supposed to make you think of an ice cream sundae.) For a limited time, while supplies last.

Canada loves Cinnabon Pull-Aparts – all day!

They premiered previously at Wendy’s US. But they’re offered only during breakfast hours. Now, they’re in Canada at all Wendy’s locations. And they’re available all day! There’s a limited-time intro0ductory deal i9n Canada, bundling an order of Cinnabon Pull-Aparts and a small Coffee for $5 – during breakfast hours.

And that’s the skinny…

… On what will be making some us a little bit more sticky-fingered over the coming days ans weeks. See you back here in 7 for the next sugar-dusted edition of Fast Food Week!

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