July 4 Doughnuts - © 2023 Krispy Kreme

Fast Food Week: Quick Service Restaurant And Snacks News

Here we go… On a other whirlwind Tour of Fastfoodville and Candyland! This time the 4th of July takes precedence among the various themes celebrated. Returning limited time faves make up most of the remaining entries, plus a special Kraft Apple Pie promo…

Baconalia Menu - © 2023 - Denny'sDenny’s Baconalia Menu for 2023. Yes, you can still order extra strips on the side for any meal!

Deny’s gets classic with Baconalia

Dennys – the breakfast joint that serves round the clock – is once again celebrating Baconalia. It’s a take on an ancient Roman festival of Bachus (the God of Wine) where folks got crazy drunk and often did things not suitable for reporting here. The, “biggest and best Baconalia [menu] yet,” includes a bacon-laden Slam, a BLT, a Burger, a Bacon Sampler, a Shake and a Maple Bacon Sundae. At Deny’s locations U.S.-wide until August 29.

Carl’s Jr. brings back El Diablo Burger

The piping hot (in all senses of the word) El Diablo Burger is back now through August 15. It’s available in 4 subtle variations including: El Diablo Angus, El Diablo Burger, El Diablo Double, and El Diablito Double Deal.

The basic El Diablo starts with Carl’s signature potato bun, and a 1/3 lb. / 150 g charbroiled Angus beef patty, slathered wit  fiery habanero sauce, and topped with bacon, Jalapeno Poppers, pepper jack cheese, and pickled jalapenos. The other variants just get bigger & hotter from there.

Krispy Kreme unveils 4th of July special sinkers

KK has three new July 4 special doughnuts: the Red Velvet Sparkler, the All American Apple Pie, and the Freedom Flag. They’re available now for a limited time through July 4, at participating locations across the U.S. Get ’em individually or as part of a the Stars and Stripes Dozen in a July 4-themed box. Also available at selected supermarkets.

Kraft serves up limited time pie promo

Kraft Heinz is partnering with Little Pie Company to offer a limited time special to celebrate that great American Tradition: Apple Pie with Cheese. The 5 in. / 12.5 cm diameter pie contains: hand-cut golden delicious apples mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, light brown sugar.

Apple Pie w Cheese - © 2023Kraft Heinz

And it’s topped with a lightly melted slice of Kraft American Processed Cheddar. Get the Kraft Singles Apple Pie at the Little Pie Company shop in New York Cit. Or order a special combo pack from Goldbelly (with a recipe card, two single 5 in. / 12.5 cm pies, and two packs of Kraft Singles for melting.)

McDonald’s tackles Caramel Corn

Something new from McD’s: A summer-special Caramel Corn McFlurry. It’s simply vanilla soft serve mixed with caramel sauce and caramel popcorn pieces. And it follows the example of previous popcorn-based McFlurries in other world markets. But there’s a catch: It’s available for a limited time now at participating locations – in Canada. You should hope McD’s U.S. is watching. Maybe they’ll bring it ‘home’…

Little Debbie bakes up patriotic Cakes

The 2023 parade includes: RWB Iced Brownies, RWB Chocolate Cakes, RWB Vanilla Cakes, and RWB Nutty Nuddy Bars.

July 4 Snack Cakes - © 2023 Lil Debby

They’re in stores now until the big weekend. They’re as traditional as Apple Pie…

Sonic pours Aloha Slushes

The Slushy King is introducing two new summer quenchers: Aloha Slushies in Polynesian Punch and Tropical Colada flavours. Sonic App users get an advance taste of the new bevs now. The masses can get it instore across the U.S. starting June 26.

Sprite and Tic Tacs get cozy

Here’s an interesting collab: Sprite-flavoured Tic Tacs – “lemon-lime-flavored Tic Tac mints inspired by Sprite lemon-lime soda.” They’re meant to taste like Sprite and deliver a, “tingly, refreshing feeling.” They should be available now at all candy displays that feature Tic Tacs.

And that’s the skinny…

… On the crème de la crème of what’s likely to be making some of us a little rounder this summer. See you in 7 for the next sterling edition of Fast Food Week.

~ Maggie J.