Carrot Cake Kiss - © Hershey's

Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

Here’s your weekly compendium of the best of the past week’s Fast Food announcements and launches. With St. Patrick’s Day barely behind us, Easter treats are already emerging. And we have one story that celebrates not the food, but the heroism of Fast Food workers in Florida…

Giant Donër - Enbey DonërPerhaps the world’s biggest Donër! From Enbey Donër in Istanbul…

Hershey’s Carrot Cake Kisses for Easter

Hershey’s has been playing with it’s famous Kisses for a long time, now, giving us special flavours for all occasions. Now, it’s shipping a totally new one: Carrot Cake Kisses for Easter. Get ’em while you can! Those who have tasted them say they’re really special!

Subway has fewest loyal customers of all Fast Food joints

Market research firm Brand Keys has just released a report showing the embattled Subway now has the fewest ‘loyal customers’ of any Fast Food chain our there. That’s really major slap for Subway which is, by number of outlets worldwide, the largest Fast Food purveyor.

And let’s not forget the ongoing conmtroversey over Canadian Subway’s chicken, which CBC news says it only about half chicken, the other half Soy protein.

Turkish take-out makes world’s biggest Donër

Enbey Donër a restaurant in the Beylikduzu district of Istanbul, Turkey, has made what is possibly the world’s largest Donër . It’s said to weigh in at 550 lb. / 250 kg and will feed at least 1,000 people. As tradition dictates, the meat is Lamb, Beef or a combination of the two.

BurgerBot replaces humans at the grill

Behold Flippy, the robotic grill master! The thing is a creation of CaliBurger and Miso Robotics and could spell the end of human cooks at on the flat top, the deep fryer and the prep and plating stations. What will all the high school kids do for college money?

McDonald’s tests order-by-phone

McDonald’s is testing an order-by-phone system on a very limited basis in selected U.S. markets. The plan is to roll out the service across the U.S. as soon as all the wrinkles are ironed out. Coupled with McD’s new curbside delivery service, it could revolutionize eat-and-go society.

Miami McD’s workers save stricken cop

While not exactly a food story, I thought I’d include this one in the FF Roundup this week. So often do I take a poke at McD’s and so rarely do I have a chance to give them a gold star for service!

Anyway, a Courageous McD’s Drive-Thru attendant and other store staff literally dove the rescue of an off-duty Miami-Dade police officer who had troubled breathing and fell unconscious while at the Drive-Thru. The Attendant, Pedro Viloria, literally dove out of the Drive-Thru window when the woman collapsed at the wheel of her SUV and the vehicle started to roll forward, out of control. Viloria stopped the car, got the woman out and he and another employee administered CPR until emergency responders arrived. The cop is fine. The boys are heroes. McD’s is, justifiably, very proud of them!

And there you have it! There’s always lots more Fast Food News than we can use, here at the Fab Food Blog. It’s my pleasure to bring you the best of the best!

~ Maggie J.