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Does New Year’s Day = Game Day For You?

If you’re one of the millions in North America who equate New Year’s Day with Game Day, you almost certainly have your own traditions and routines that you love to follow. But I have some suggestions if you want to change things up a little on your snack and late dinner menus…

A festive Game Day ‘Football Bread Bowl Dip – something that’s still in vogue for high-end Game Day buffets. I’ll go for Tostitos Spinach Dip in a minute as a substitute, especially if
it’s been microwaved just a scootch…

The action – on TV – starts at noon Eastern with the Outback Bowl, and the Peach Bowl and the Citrus Bowl following at half-hour intervals. Then there’s a break until 5, when the traditional heavyweights – the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl – commence play. That doesn’t really give you a chance to prep much all afternoon and evening. And unless you have signed agreements from the football fans in your house to actually sit down for Ham or Turkey at some point, you’ve got a scheduling issue I don’t even want to think about…

Through the afternoon and evening, you’ll probably be expected to provide snacks and some kind of second ‘meal’ for your ravenous fans. They’ll eat like they’ve been playing the game themselves!

For inspiration, here are my famous Super Bowl Game Day Hacks.

And here are my Thanksgiving Day Big Game Recommendations.

Bonus: A classic Game Day Snack Table that’s perfect for last minute!

You probably have everything you need in the pantry right now!

Something that always goes down well with my crowd, whatever Big Game Day you’re celebrating: The ultimate, original Stadium Food. I love to set up a big basket of soft Rolls and grill or boil up two or three dozen Hot Dogs. These I keep warm in batches, in a slow Cooker, with a little water in the bottom and the lid on firmly.

The Dogs and Buns can just be normal, every-day ones. It’s what you’re offering for toppers that’s the star,. And, if your dogs are too large, you’ll have less room for toppings! I always buy a bunch of my favourite Chicken Dogs when they’re on special ‘2 packs for $4’.

Open up a couple of cans of quality canned Chili, like Stagg, and a couple more of good quality baked beans. I like Bush’s. Heat them up and serve in covered glass or stoneware bowls. Top each bowl lid with a folded dish towel to keep the goodies underneath warm. I always have these in the back of the pantry, at least four of each, for emergencies and inspirations.

Also provide a bowl of shredded lettuce, another of Shredded Cheddar or Jack Cheese. You’ll already have a selection of Salsas and dips on hand for chips and other finger foods. You can offer those to your Dog lovers as well! Who knows what’ll emerge at the buffet line!

So, have a great day and a great New Year!

Update: I still can’t eat solid food

I am still assailed by mouth sores and weakness brought on b y five days of not eating properly. I have started drinking three bottles a day of liquid meal replacement, which I am feeling a little more stable for, but not stronger or more ‘together’.

Share my New Year’s resolution: Don’t be a Wing Challenge Chump!

~ Maggie J.