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COVID-19 Lock Down Cooking Fun: Natl. Guacamole Day!

Today is National Guacamole Day in the U.S. and, yes, I realize that most folks already know what Guacamole is and how to make it, and even have their own preference about how to enjoy it. But I’ve come across a recipe for a crazy, decadent Margarita that’s inspired me to create a whole Guac Day celebration menu!

Guacamole Autentico © californiaavocado.com.jpgThe Up-to-date ‘Classic’: Chunky Guacamole with Jalapeños, Tomatoes,
Lime Juice, a dash of Cumin and a garnish of fresh Cilantro…

A lazy, lock down Guac Day Menu…

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a ‘special celebratory menu’ meant to provide diners with a restful, carefree experience – but which requires hours of prep and fuss to put on. No so, my Guac Day bill of fare. I’m featuring shortcuts and ‘cheats’ that will make it a breeze to build, so you’ll still have the positive energy and state of mind you need to enjoy it just as much as the rest of your lock down family…

The Guac

Just as a reminder – and a place to start – let’s start with the centrepiece o the spread: the Guacamole. Did you know they’ve been making it for a few thousand years in Mexico and Central America, where Avocados are native?

The original recipe was was just mashed Avocado, puréed as smoothly as you can get it, worked in a mortar and pestle? My preference, though, is for the modern ‘classic’ version, with Lime, finely diced Jalapeños (to taste) and some small-diced fresh Tomatoes. Just a small pinch of Salt will do the trick for seasoning. And it’s entirely okay to use a food processor or blender in place of the mortar and pestle.

In fact, the faster you can mash/process the Avocado, the less likely it is to get brown on top. That’s oxidation and squeezing a little additional Lime Juice onto the top of the Guac can help ward off browning even longer. To store the leftovers for up to a day, cover tightly with plastic wrap, pushing the plastic right down onto the surface of the Guac and seal the plastic tightly around the rim of the bowl. Place on the lowest shelf of the fridge, where it’s coldest.

The ‘main’

Nachos, of course! Go for it! Honour the creator of the Nacho as we know it by taking a look at this Nacho Day post, and start tossing on toppings!

Okay… I said that piling on the toppings is tantamount to disrespecting the creator of the modern Nacho. But it’s okay on this special day. (Also because I said so.) If you need some guidelines or starter ideas, here is one of the most complete Nachos Supreme recipes I’ve ever come across – it even incorporates chunks of fresh Avocado!

Just remember to leave the Guacamole and Sour Cream until last, after bubbling the tray under the broiler, so as not to ruin their flavour, texture or colour. Let everyone dig in with forks or fingers to grab a few piping hot chips complete with all their allotted toppings, and shout ‘Olé’!

Now… The beverage

Here it is; the amazing, unique and fast DewGarita! It’s a new collab between PepsiCo and Red Lobster.

Dress the rim of a classic Martini Glass with a rub of Lime and a swirl in some Margarita Spices.

Start by placing 2 oz. / 60 ml of your fave Tequila and one oz. / 30 ml of your fave Orange and Brandy Liqueur in a cocktail shaker. Add the juice of half a Lime and enough ice cubes to cover the combined liquids. Stir or shake for 30 seconds.

Strain the alcohol into the dressed Martini Glass onto three fresh ice cubes, and top up with Mountain Dew Soda (Soft Drink).

Do NOT add any Sugar; the Soda is plenty sweet enough!

Now: Look at that amazing colour, get a whiff of the unique bouquet, toast Guacamole, whose day this is, and start slugging them back. But seriously…

CAUTION! These Soda-based zingers go down like rainwater, and the cumulative effect, if you imbibe several in short order, can be devastating. Try to pace yourself to one an hour, max, and get full enjoyment out of your Nachos Supreme Tex-Mex Main!

NOTE: Red Lobster and Pepsi have not released the entire official recipe, so the above is really, in part, my educated guesses. Experiment, and develop your own custom formulation.


~ Maggie J.