Burger Menu Madness: Down and Dirty Desperation!

Burger King has been really, really active, lately, trying to grow itself and diversify its offerings (notably by buying Tim Horton’s) and, now, appears to be taking direct aim at McDonald’s – seen by some as ‘the guys to beat’ in the fast food industry. But BK’s new methods are surprisingly old-school.

BK vs McDonalds - © turbobullet.comSUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Battle Royal! Well, not really. But some devotees
of one Burger Chain or the other obviously have strong feelings
about the current showdown!

In what industry analysts are characterizing as an old fashioned showdown at high noon on main street, Burger King has announced it will challenge McDonald’s on price on some of the traditional market leader’s trademark menu items. Notable among those, the now ubiquitous Chicken Nugget. BK will – brazenly – launch ultra-cheap nuggets; ten for (US)$1.49. It’s already launched a two-for-$5 sandwich promotion. And it appears there’s more to come.

The Business Insider says BK’s latest moves are aimed at luring away McDonald’s customers who are disenchanted with their old stand-by over recent price hikes (which are apparently directly related to hikes in the market price of Beef).

Add to this the upheaval McDonald’s has said it is now committed to, to dramatically change the way it markets its burgers and serves them – the much-touted Build Your Own plan, which many – facetiously at first – called a direct challenge to BK’s longstanding ‘Have It Your Way’ policy.

What you get is a state of flux in the Burger Sector the likes of which we have not witnessed in a very, very long time.

So… Show ’em what you like and what you don’t like! You’ve got lots of choice in the overheated Burger Marketplace. This is a rare case where you, the consumer, get to exert a strong influence on the outcome of a war between giants – if you step up and do your part!

~ Maggie J.