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A Shift In The Fast Food Sector

We’ve talked a lot about a coming change – even a wholesale revolution – in the Fast Food sector, as the market sector reaches saturation point with brands and products, and something has to give. A recent survey may have revealed how this change will unfold, discovering the first cracks in the wall…

Little Caesar's Smokehouse Pizza - © 2017 Foodbeast.comPizza and Mexican Food are the up-and-coming leaders in the
21st Century Fast Food marketplace…

A new poll by MSN reveals that Mexican food and Pizza are more attractive to millennials than the traditional Burger-and-Fries style of Fast Food. Millennials, of course, are the coming wave of Fast Food consumers, while Baby Boomers (who built the formerly dominant Burger and Fried Chicken markets) are on the wane. I’m one, and I can attest that we’re not only eating less Fast Food than we did when we were younger, we’re also starting to die off at an alarming rate. After all, the eldest of us, by the common definition of the Boomer age group, are now in their 70s!

And, as I speculated in the intro to this post, this may signal the start of the revolution that I believe must come over the next ten years or so, and which will see the strongest survive and weakest chains (and concepts) perish.

While Burgers and Fried Chicken are still staples for many as take-out and Fast Food choices, sales in those sectors are languishing and the various big brands are trying harder and harder, offering crazier and crazier novelty menu items and rushing to update their store decor and retailing concepts to try and stay ahead of the competition. But Pizza and Mexican Food purveyors have quietly been enjoying massive growth, perhaps at the expense of the Burger and Chicken sectors

Notable among other survey findings…

The MSN study revealed tat, among younger Burger lovers, Wendy’s is favoured over traditional market leaders McDonalds and Burger King.

Roughly half of all Americans – all ages, all backgrounds – admit to eating fast food at least once  week.

New-concept chains such as Chipotle’s are winning ate attention of young adults and Millennials who are looking for something ‘different’ in Fast Food.

The end of the beginning?

Mark this day. The day I first told you about the coming shake-out in the Fast Food sector.

I’ll be updating you on developments as they happen!

~ Maggie J.