Big Pickle Dog - ©

2016 Stampede Food Crazier Than Ever

It’s Calgary Stampede time and one thing that I always look up is – what kind of crazy fair Foods they’re selling this year. And, here – I thought what they came up with last year was the Menu Madness Be-All-And-End-All. Not a chance! And I’d have been disappointed otherwise…

Sticky Toffee Bug Balls - © 2016 Calgary StampedeMy choice for Craziest Fair Food at the Stampede this year: The Sticky, Toffee Bug Ball.

Among the 34 new food stall offerings at the Stampede this year are many, many deep-fried items and some are new takes on old favourites, each with its own quirky appeal. Or not. Here’s a rundown of my personal picks…

  • The Big Pickle Dog – A really big Dill Pickle, hollowed out and stuffed with a Hot Dog, battered like a Pogo and deep fried. Holy moley! That’s a lot of Pickle!
  • Poutine Corn Dog – A Sausage casing stuffed with Hot Dog Meat, Home Fried and Cheese Nuggets. Battered and deep fried like a Pogo. or maybe, a Corn Dog. It’s truly a mouthful!
  • Venison Hot Dog– A custom-made Dog in a natural casing. Have it the way you like it, toppings-wise. Have one, if just for the novelty.
  • Bacon Wrapped ‘Scotch’ Egg – A par-cooked hard Boiled Egg, encased in Canadian Back Bacon and wrapped in Strips of regular Belly Bacon. Deep fried until the Bacon is cooked. Sounds really good!
  • Butter Chicken Fries – Like Poutine, but Crispy Golden Fries topped with saucy, spicy Butter Chicken. Really.
  • PBO Stack – A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sandwiched between two Oreos, battered and deep fried. On a stick. Drizzld with Cholate Sauce and dusted with Powdered Sugar.
  • Mac & Cheese Stuffed Burgers – Just what it says. A couple of big Burger patties surrounding a scoop of decadent Cheesy, gooey Mac & Cheese. That’ll last you ’til dinner. for sure!

And the winner of my unofficial Craziest Fair Food Award…

  • Sticky Toffee Bug Balls – Yes. that’s what they are. The Balls are Mini Doughnuts drizzled with Toffee Sauce and arranged in a canoe-shaped dish. Then they’re sprinkled with toasted Meal Worms and Crickets.

Have a great time at the Stampede!

~ Maggie J.