Carrot Sticks - Detail ©

UK Carrot Stick Kafuffle Goes Viral

You’d think that, with Brexit and all, the Brits would have more important things to tweet and post on Facebook about. But, NO! A recent tweet protesting the grossly irregular sizes and shapes of one man’s bag of Carrot Sticks has taken the Internet by storm. Foodies take note!

Carrot Sticks Bag - © 2016 Aaron SwiftThe bag of Carrot Sticks that started it all…

Arron Swift opened his first tweet in a series on Carrot Sticks with the scene-setter: “As some will know, I am somewhat a carrot aficionado and it has to be said these Tesco batons re the worst.”

And, after a brief interval, a Tesco representative tweeted back: “Hi Aaron, I’m really sorry you don’t enjoy our carrots 🙁 Would you mind elaborating on the issue via DM? – Laura”

So began Swift’s elaborate effort to illustrate the deficiencies of said carrot Sticks. His efforts resulted in the following multimedia display…

Bad Carrot Sticks - © 2016 Aaron SwiftIn the end, Swift declared only two out of 15 examples from his bag
of carrot Sticks to be ‘decent’.

The Tesco rep responded by offering Swift a refund for his unsatisfactory Carrot batons and invited him to give a lecture on the ins and pouts of Carrot Sticks to Tesco produce buyers.

Case Closed!

~ Maggie J.