Ghost Pepper

We previously brought you news of an ill-starred chef from London, UK, who made a supercharged hot sauce from the potentially deadly Ghost Pepper and nearly died tasting it. Now, a student at a U.S. high school has tried to do him one better – again, to the perpetrator’s own dismay…

3D-Printed Food - ©

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Sorry, Captain Picard – not just yet. But NASA has bestowed a $125,000 grant upon Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC), of Austin, Texas, to build a prototype of its ‘3D Food Printer’ which could be used to ‘print’ earth-like food for astronauts on long space voyages – say, to Mars.

Dominos Pizza DVD - ©

What’s round and flat and decorated all over the top with cheese, pepperoni, bacon and olives? Till now, it could only be your favourite pizza, fresh from the oven (or pizzeria delivery bag)… But, now, it could also be a the latest hot movie release on DVD!

We’ve recently offered a number of posts, here in the FFB, which mention nutrition profiles and labeling regulations. The profiles make good reading, but they can be deceptive. How? You have to check the serving size quoted on the label and calculate equivalent numbers accordingly.

What would you do if you made a globally beloved product, the only one of its kind, no competition, and a faithful customer put up a positively worshipful website that drew tens of thousands of followers and friends? If you’re the makers of Nutella, you’d tell ’em to cease and desist.