Ketchup Etiquette: To Glop or Not to Glop?

Oh, ho! This is just the razor-edge of a culinary slippery slope that has plagued diners and restauranteurs since time immemorial! Since Chefs first organized their kitchens on the pseudo-military ‘brigade’ system, the Chefs have felt it their duty to dictate to diners how to consume their creations…

Cats can cure Allergies - © 2014

Cats and Dogs may Fight Children’s Allergies!

I’ve often said, in this space, that food allergies were very rare when I was a kid. In the generations that have followed, they seem to have become much more common – even an epidemic, according to some commenters. But a new study seems to shed old light on the issue once again…

Food Biz News: M&M Meat Shops sell out…

You hear about it occasionally, in the Business pages of the newspaper. A plucky little locally-based, family owned business sells its soul to some huge multinational conglomerate. Sure, the name and the stores and the products go on. But do they go on the same as they used to be?

New Canadian Fair Food Breaks all the Rules

The Great Canadian Fairs are preparing to open their gates for the annual end-of-summer celebration that all Canuck Kids treasure as part of their carefree youth… And one of the biggest things for kids at the Fairs is always the Food stalls! This year, CNE vendors are breaking new ground…

TV Series surveys Sins – starting with Gluttony

Remember the joke about the guy whose doctor says. “You’re fat!” The guy says, “I want a second opinion!” Then, the nurse looks him up and down and says, “Yup. You’re fat!” As if Americans needed a second opinion… The owner of one of the world’s unhealthiest eateries says, “You’re fat!”

Porchetta: Go off on a Tasty Italian Tangent!

It’s the classic Italian Pork Roast, and it’s unlike any other Pork Roast you’ve ever come across! Come along with me as I explore the magnificent mysteries and glorious Pesto-slathered, Bacon-wrapped goodness of the tenderest, most flavourful Pork Roast you’ve ever tasted!

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