Avocado Price Hike Alert!

Guacamole Question Mark - © californiaavocado.com

After a dismal harvest in California this summer and a similarly disappointing one in Mexico, Avocado prices are spiking. That means Vegetarians and Tex-Mex lovers will have to pay a lot more for this essential ingredient or go without until next season. And the impact is worse on Canada and Europe…

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Fast Food Week!

Wendys Giant Jr Bacon Cheeseburger - 2017 Wendy s

Time to look back on a busy week in the Fast Food sector. And forward to what the big players in the Doughnut sector are offering for Fall. We’re also lamenting the ‘limited-time’ availability of some yummy-looking new offerings. And cheering the chain-wide roll out of Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco…

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Coffee May Enhance Longevity!

Elderly Coffee Lover - © barstoolsports.com

We’ve heard many opinions and read of many studies on the effects of drinking coffee. And the experts are still divided on the benefits versus the risks. But, now, a new study from Spain suggests that ‘moderate’ Coffee consumption can help ‘healthy’ people live longer. That’s more like it!

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