Seniors Aging In Place Going Hungry?

Veggie Heart - © unknown

There’s an epidemic scourging our elderly loved ones who are ‘aging in place’, or staying in their own homes rather than going into assisted living arrangements. ‘Food insecurity’ is a stealthy villain that can sneak up on those unaware of or unable to protect themselves from poor eating habits…

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Fast Food Week!

Jell-O Play and Eat Kit - © 2018 Jell-O

Snack News tops the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) headlines this week, with contributions from Taco Bell, Dunkin’s, Planter’s and Pringles. Starbuck’s expands its breakfast menu – in the UK. And Wendy’s, Burger King and Church’s Chicken make another trip to The Smokehouse…

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Summer Staples: Coleslaw

Coleslaw - Confetti - Detail - ©

We surveyed the Potato Salad scene a couple of days ago. Now, it’s time for a look at the other supreme summer Salad: Coleslaw. We’ll start with a little history and segue into the never-ending debate over which kind of Dressing is best: Creamy Mayo style, or Oil-based Vinaigrette…

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New App Helps Lower Cancer Risk

Fitness Tracker Woman - ©

If you’ve used your smart phone to monitor your exercise activities or set reminders for yourself, you already know how powerful a tool it can be and how much easier it can make your daily routine. Now, there’s an app that monitors your main heart and cancer risk factors…

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