Drought in Sudan - © addisstandard.com

You Think You Pay A Lot For Food?

I recently read a report that compares the cost of food in various countries around the world… And I was shocked to see how much some people spend for an average meal! As you might have guessed, the folks who have it worst are living in Africa, where food is short and prices are crazy…

Water Line-up in Sudan - © hrw.orgThousands line up for water in South Sudan, where a plate of Rice and Beans
would cost the equivalent of (US)$321. – if there was any food to be had.
The same plate would cost about (US)$1.25 in New York City.

The report, which came out of a survey by the U.N. World Food Program (UBWFP) and MasterCard, shows that we have it pretty good, here in North America, even if food prices have risen by an average of over 30 per cent in the past ten years.

The UNWFP compared the price of a serving of Rice and Beans in a number of nations and translated the cost to U.S. dollars, in the context of the average worker’s daily income in each place. It was a real eye-opener for me!

No wonder they’re starving…

It’s no wonder people are migrating in their millions to places they think have more food and lower prices. It’s no wonder some coastal residents have turned to piracy and terrorism to get along. And it’s no wonder so many are starving.

What we, as a global community, need to do, to bring down those crazy numbers in the chart above, is provide the opportunities and markets African countries need to grow their economies and grow workers’ wages.

African nations also must take a long, hard look at what their weather will be like in another 25, 50 or 100 years, and start planing for changes already being felt as a result of Global Warming.

Most importantly…

All countries must look at ‘managed migration’ as an ongoing reality that must be dealt with as the world gets hotter, especially in the equatorial; regions. The people of the hot regio0ns will soon be out of a home. No water, no crops, no prospects – unless we bring them north – or south – and resettle them. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no room: Canada, Argentina and other nations have lots of room for millions and millions of new arrivals – provided he new comers can adapt to their climates

These are just a few of the things we all need to be talking about now, so we can be prepared for the inevitable in the future.

~ Maggie J.