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A Breakthrough in Treating Obesity?

I’ve remarked on and brought you news about the global obesity epidemic many times in this space. But today I have word of the first (Potential) real treatment for the disease. It involves genetically-engineered proteins, though, and that may cripple its effectiveness because of push-back…

WHO Obesity Infographic - © World Health OrganizationFinally… A real weapon in the war against obesity?

A team of American scientists has revealed the results of recent experiments that dramatically reduced obesity in mice, rats and primates. The report, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, bodes well for the development of a real treatment for human obesity, a scourge that effects 2.2 billion people, or one third of the world’s population.

The treatment involves a genetically-engineered gene called GDF15 that is administered as a drug. In multiple mouse models of diet-induced and genetic obesity, delivery of the GDF15 gene reduced body weights, food intake, and serum insulin levels in both rodents and primates.

The down side(s)…

Trouble is, GDF15 us a delicate substance and soils quickly, and it’s hard to make in large quantities – at least at this point. Those qualities combine to mitigate against rapid development of the drug for mass distribution. But research is already under way to overcome those shortcomings.

Another problem… The drug is the product of genetic engineering and many folks who might benefit greatly from it may turn it down because they have bought into the crap-science notion that genetic engineering produces dangerous foods and drugs. Too bad.

We all suffer from obesity…

It’s bad enough that all those fat people are living uncomfortable, unhealthy, and probably shortened lives. But they’re soaking us all for a bundle in health care costs that would not be necessary if the obese and overweight slimmed down and shed not only pounds by all the diseases that come with their corporeal excess baggage.

Any real breakthrough in treating obesity has to be considered a major benefit to humankind, and pursued for all it’s worth, through to a mass-market cure. I will be watching three progress that scientists make on manufacturing and preserving GDF15 and I’ll pass on any news directly to you.

~ Maggie J.