An Official Big Mac - © McDonald's Restaurants

The MacDonald’s Burgers you never knew…

So… You thought you knew everything there was to know about McDonald’s food. You had all the burgers rated from ‘sated’ to hated’. You had them ranked against their counterparts from other fast food joints. But you probably haven’t even tried half of them yet!

McDonald's Menu - USA - © easypeasyenglish1.wordpress.comA typical US/Canadian McDonald’s burger menu. Note that many ‘Extra Value Meal
Deals’ are offered. But only 11 of the 22 ‘current master menu’ burgers are offered.
The number offered remains about the same wherever you go,
but the selection may vary widely.

We recently (earlier this year) pointed you to a BuzzFeed Burger Blind Taste Test which turned up some surprising results, especially for burger afficionados who discovered they liked a burger other than their declared favourite better! Ditto a Fast Food Fries Taste Test, also from BuzzFeed.

With that in mind. then, consider this: McDonald’s offers no less than 22 different Burgers around the world, and that’s just the current master menu. Bygone burgers such as the McAngus don’t make this list. Chicken and Fish sandwiches do, however, count in the tally.

A new online taste test review ranks the McBurgers from no. 22 right on up to no. 1. Guess which gets the judges’ ultimate endorsement as the tops?

Yup. The Big Mac gets the nod as no. 1. According to the writer of the survey report:

…the actual build of the burger — burned into my skull by commercials from the ’80s — is a thing of beauty. And now they even sell the damn sauce. Win-Win.

I want to know how much of the favouritism for the Big Mac is a result of the staying power of that slogan from the 80s… I’ve never had a Big Mac but I can recite the ‘build’ specs in my sleep.

Oh! Another question the survey reporter leaves us with is… If there’s a Big Mac, why is there no Little Mac? Just drop one patty and the centre slice of bun. Et voilà! Too much like the Bacon Cheeseburger? Or the Bacon Clubhouse Burger? We may never know for sure…

Anyway, see how many of the McBurgers in the grand list of 22 you recognise,? And tote up how many you’ve tasted!

~ Maggie J.