Stevia May Actually Be GOOD For You!

We’ve heard a lot of alarmist chatter about the recently commercialized sweetener, Stevia. There have been the usual warnings from the ‘food safety’ advocates that it’s not really ‘natural’ and it’s not ‘healthy’. But new evidence seems to contradict those popular notions. In spades!

Stevia - © vegkitchen.comStevia – in all its forms and incarnations…

It appears that Stevia  – far from being harmful – may actually be good for you!

In case you hadn’t heard, Stevia is a ‘new’ sweetener derived from a plant of the same name from the Chrysanthemum family that’s native to South America. The good news, right off the top, is, it’s about 200 times sweeter than plain white Table Sugar so you need a lot less to get the same sweet flavour. Add to that the fact that it comes from a natural source, unlike Sucralose (Splenda) or Saccharine (Sweet ‘N Low), which are man-made and do not occur anywhere in nature.

But there’s more!

Now, it seems there’s medical evidence that Stevia can actually help reduce blood sugar and increase glucose tolerance in the human body. That’s potentially great news for Diabetics!

The trouble is…

The Stevia in your Coffee spoon is not exactly the Stevia that comes straight from the plant source. Turns out that commercially available brands of Stevia sweetener are massaged in processing and purification. That’s where the health advocates’ objections come in.

Commercial Stevia sweeteners have not been around long enough for long term tests to yield results. But those in the know seem to agree that – though not entirely ‘natural’ – it is healthier than its artificial counterparts.

Here’s a new appraisal by a Medical professional. Decide for yourself!

~ Maggie J.