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Something New in the Way of Condiments…

It occurred to me that I should share with you a new (to me) technique I just love for creating absolutely scrumptious multi-purpose Dipping Sauces and Sandwich Spreads. You’ve probably already had, or heard of, at least one of these concoctions, but there’s a lot more to them than Sriracha Mayo!

Sriracha Mayo - © whiteonricecouple.comThat’s right. These brave new sauces are based on Mayo. Or Yogurt, or Sour Cream, as you prefer. But rather than your old-school Ranch or Thousand Islands Dressing, or even classic Greek Tzatziki, they’re out at the edges flavour-wise and, once you’ve tried them, you’ll want to keep experimenting and creating new flavours of your own!


Sriracha Mayo is just the tip of the Spicy Creamy Condiment iceberg! As the image, left, suggests, try dipping any Game Day Snack in them. Spread them on Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sandwiches. Substitute on your next Crudité platter in place of whatever you usually use…

First, though…

I want to stress that this technique is not just another take on Aioli. The name ‘Ailoi’ is all too often used to describe creamy sauces which bear no relation to the Mediterranean classic. Aioli is, properly, an Italian sauce made of Garlic and Olive Oil. In some places, they add Egg Yolk and make a Mayo-like variation. The sauces I’m talking about are, if anything, more like a Remoulade – although this name, too, refers to a specific creamy blend of Mayo, Garlic, Diced Cornichons (Gherkin Pickles) Capers and other ingredients associated with specific places where it’s made. It’s most commonly used in France and Louisiana on Fish and Seafood dishes.

What we’re doing is stretching the envelope of Mayo, Sour Cream or Yogurt-based Sauces and Dressings to embrace some of the world’s more exotic flavours.

It’s fun and easy!

Try any Asian condiment you like and add a bit at a time to the creamy base of your choice until you get a pleasing flavour balance. Try combinations of flavours. Try adding odds and ends like Lime Juice or Sugar or whatever strikes your fancy.

One of my personal favourites is simply equal parts of Mayo and Thai Sweet Chili sauce. Sweet, Sour and Hot all at once! Perfect for dipping Dumplings or spreading on one side of a Hamburger Bun out at the grill! Or dip Chicken Wings or Fingers in it. Or spread it on your next Hot Dog. You’ll be amazed! And be sure try other Asian Sauces in this ‘recipe’…

I’ve also tried a blend of Sesame Oil and Maple Syrup in both Mayo and Sour Cream. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before! Add Salt if the Sesame Oil doesn’t provide enough for your taste.

Fresh grated Ginger and diced Spring Onion are great in Yogurt or Sour Cream. Don’t forget to add a squeeze of Lime.

Why not try a Curry sauce? Yogurt is a classic Indian sauce base. Just add Termeric, Cumin and Coriander and as much Hot Pepper as you prefer. Or go boldly Thai simply by adding judicious dollops of red or green Thai Chili Paste to your Yogurt!

Any chopped Fresh Chili Pepper plus minced Cilantro and just enough Sugar (or Honey or Maple Syrup or other sweetener) to balance the hot is very refreshing and exceptionally piquant.

Like Mexican food? Try blending Taco Sauce or Green Sauce with Sour Cream. Again, add a squeeze of Lime.

Whatever flavours you experiment with, remember to always go easy the first time around, adding ingredients in stages to determine the proper proportions. And don’t forget the Garlic and Lime Juice…

And there you have it!

Try this technique and craft your own new Sauces and Spreads. You just might come up with the Next Big Thing in Condiments! Or, at least the next ‘Secret Sauce’…

~ Maggie J.