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Slow Cooker Dishes: Mom’s Chili

We’re branching out from Classic Dishes a bit to visit a classic cooking method – the Slow Cooker. I come from a generation where everybody got at least one as a wedding present. Now, I hear they’re enjoying a new boom in popularity. What better time to go over some classic SC Dishes!

Beef and Bean Chili - © epicurious.comChunky Beef and Bean Chili, garnished with Grated Cheddar and Green Onions.

The first dish I think of when I think ‘Slow Cooker’ is Chili. There are as many Chili recipes as there are folks who make it and they can all be prepared in the Slow Cooker (SC). But I’ve worked out a Chili specifically geared to the SC and I think you’ll agree, it’s just as good and hearty as any other pot-simmered version!

What you need…

1 can (28 oz. / 825 ml) Pinto, Black, Kidney or other Bean suitable for Chili
1 lb. / 455 g Ground Beef, Stewing Beef, Flank Steak or Chuck Roast
1 stake Celery, diced 1.4 in, / 1 cm
1 medium Tomato, diced 1/4 in. / 1 cm
1 medium Onion, diced 1.4 in. / 1 cm
1 tbsp. / 15 ml Chili Powder (your choice), or more to taste
1 tbsp. / 15 ml Worcestershire Sauce
1 cup / 250 ml Beef Stock
1 tsp. / 5 ml Salt
1 tsp. / 5 ml Pepper
3-4 cloves Garlic, minced


1/2 cup / 125 ml. Corn Kernels (frozen is fine)

What you do…

If not using Ground Beef, cut Beef into 3/4 in. / 2 cm cubes.

Place all ingredients in Slow Cooker and stir to mix them all together. Cover with lid. Set Cooker on ‘low’ and forget.

Well, not quite ‘forget’. Once every hour, or as often as you want to, stir the developing Chili to encourage the starch in the Beans to form a nice, creamy sauce. If the Chili gets too thick, add more Beef Stock or a slosh of Beer.

Start your Chili at 9 a.m. and it will be ready to eat at 5-6-7 pm. No critical timing here…

And that’s it!

Maybe our easiest Classic Dish yet! And everybody loves Chili. As I said at the top of this post, today’s recipe is just the first in a series of Slow Cooker themed meals!

~ Maggie J.